Monday, September 6, 2010

Rauh-Welt in 0-60 magazine

I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of most automotive magazines and when looking on the newsstands for the next DSPORT magazine I'll often see 0-60 magazine but I never did like the magazine so I never usually pay it any mind on the newsstand. Well the latest issue I did pay attention to after I saw that something great was on the inside. I only knew about it because after I saw the new videos on Mr. Ichiraku's blog I noticed some new magazine pictures and caught the cover and said to my self "I've seen that cover".

That meant that once I got paid I headed down to Barnes & Noble looking for the Summer 2010 issue of 0-60 magazine that had included an Article on one of my favorite Porsche Tuner companies Rauh-Welt Begriff .  Sure enough it was still there so I grabbed it and the latest issue of Excellence because it had the new Porsche 911 GT2RS on the cover and I just couldn't help myself.

Overall I'd have to say that the pictures and article are pretty nice, some pictures of the Stella Artois 964 and the Bordeaux 993 shot at night in Tokyo and in the Yamate Tunnel which I can only imagine as an awesome sound.  The article isn't all about the cars but delves a little bit more into the owner Akira Nakai's working life style.  A man who only wakes up before noon to take delivery of a car.  Working late into the night in solitude in what can only be described as a working man's man cave.  No pretty, clean and industrial type typical Japanese workshop here.

I'm not about to spoil the whole article for you as you should be reading it yourself.  There should be still plenty of copies left out there on newsstands of the Summer 2010 issue of 0-60 magazine but the best kicker is there are more pictures and video on their website article.  Nice big wallpaper size pictures.  Actually I'm just going to borrow the video since it's on YouTube so you can check it out here.  It's nice to see American automotive media taking an interesting in something like this and giving those of us who are fans, but don't know much about RWB, a better insight into the company and people responsible. 

Check out their video below

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