Saturday, September 11, 2010

RQ Team: ARTA Gals

I don't know about the rest of you but I'm still bummed about the cancellation of the 7th round of the Super GT series.  I was really looking forward to another great race and a bunch of new Race Queen pictures and hopefully videos but now it looks like there wont be anything new until the end of October.  Of course since it's already the end of the week it's time for the next RQ Team feature.  This week it's the ARTA Gals.  The four lady Race Queen Team that supports both the GT 500 ARTA Honda HSV-010 and the GT300 ARTA ASL Garaiya.

The two teams are at opposite ends of the leader board when it comes to the points championship.  Currently the GT300 odd looking ARTA Garaiya is leading the GT300 series with only 5 points separating it and the number 2 sport occupied by the M7 Re-Amemiya Racing RX7.  However the GT500 Honda HSV-010 is currently sitting in 11th place even after it's podium finish in the last round of the Super GT series.  I should also probably toss out there for those that don't know but ARTA stands for Autobacs Racing Team Aguri.

Now for those lovely Race Queens.  The ARTA Gals are the 4 member team of Yuriya Hasegawa (長谷川ゆりや), Mao Nagai (永井麻央), Sayuri Ui (宇井小百合) and Marina Murakami (村上まりな) and the outfit these Race Queens sport is one of most unique for it's a strapless orange dress (well it has those clear plastic straps but whatever), silver knee high boots and what really made this outfit suck for the most part of the year that large silver jacket that covered everything up. 

I looked to see if any of the ARTA Gals did any professional RQ photo sets and not a single one of them has done anything (so far) for the likes of RQ-star, TopQueen or anything else so I guess I can just get a move on to posting the Race Queen pictures.  Don't forget to check out the main sites after each of the remaining races. 

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Of course what could be better than pictures of Race Queens than videos of Race Queens and these are the ones I found for the ARTA Gals. 

The ARTA Gals are at 5:55

The ARTA Gals are at 4:48

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