Sunday, September 19, 2010

RQ Team: Jim Gainer Dixcel Gals

Another weekend another Race Queen Team Feature.  This week it'll be the third(?) Race Queen Team for the Jim Gainer Dixcel Dunlop GT300 Ferrari F430 which is going into the 8th round of the 2010 season in 8th place.  I've already featured the other Race Queen teams for the Jim Gainer team so it's finally time that I get to the last team the two member Dixcel Gals.

The Dixcel Gals Race Queen team is made up of the new comer Fumi (章恵) and Megumi Yano (矢野めぐみ)  each one is outfitted in a Light Tan (?) and red mini skirt and one sided halter top with Thigh high boots.  A small jacket rounds out the outfit but all together it's not nearly as impressive as their Tiger Gals counterparts that's for sure.   So it's a good thing both ladies can make up for it with their good looks as both are some of the better looking Race Queens this year. In addition to Super GT the Dixcel Gals also strut their stuff as Race Queens for the Dixcel Mitsubishi EVO running in the Super Taikyu series. 

Both have done work with RQ-star Fumi this year and Megumi Yano last year or so.  Even though I no longer post links to uploads of RQ-star stuff it's not exactly hard to find working links still out there if you know what to search for.  I haven't seen either one working for any of the other pro RQ photoset companies yet.

That just means we'll be moving onto the real deal Race Queen pictures.  Remember to come back and check out the main sites after the other other two races this year for any updates. Also it's looking pretty sparse for pictures of the Dixcel Gals. 

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What's better than pictures of Race Queens?  Videos of course and you can find the Dixcel Gals in the following videos.

The Dixcel Gals are at 8:00

The Dixcel Gals are at 1:55 with the Tiger Gals

The Dixcel Gals are at 2:45

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