Thursday, September 2, 2010

RWB Green Ichiraku VIDEOS!

While surfing the great information soup that is the World Wide Web I went to one of my favorite Japanese car blogs and found some new interesting videos on YouTube.  I instantly knew what I was going to blog about tomorrow.  And it's now tomorrow so time to do some blogging about those awesome videos.  The website I visited was one of the very few blogs by an owner of a RWB Porsche and usually he has a few new smallish pictures of his green 964 Widebody RWB Porsche every time I visit and occasionally some other RWB cars as well.  Well this time there was a link to a YouTube video.

You better believe that I immediately clicked on the link and watched said video clip, several times.  In all the YouTube channel has 9 videos currently; 4 for the Green 964 and 2 for a Blue and White 993.  There are also three short videos of a late night Porsche gathering that had a good number of other RWB cars as well.

I'm a huge fan of the Rauh-Welt Begriff  (blog) tuner for Porsches so to say I was enjoying the new videos is an understatement.  I was giggling like a school girl and jamming out the interesting sound track included with some of the videos.  The roommate even wondered what the hell I was doing as I had the speakers turned up a bit high at first.  I have to say that the car looks good in pictures but damn the car is just wicked in the videos.  The music I'm not a huge fan of though. In any case I just wanted to share these awesome new videos with other RWB fans.  Now I just hope he gets some videos with the car in action. 

Here's the fist (non music included thankfully) video of the Green Ichiraku

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