Sunday, October 24, 2010

2010 Super GT Rd 8 Motegi GT 250km

The last pointed race of the 2010 season was an all out race from everyone for those last points to climb the championship ladder.  What a race.  Watching the 15 minute recap that was uploaded by our favorite YouTuber PM190 was cool even though I had already checked out the results last night because I was really looking forward to seeing how the Racing Miku did after clenching 2nd in qualifying.  I'll say for now that they definitely did better than last year but they weren't able to pull out a podium finish just yet.

From what I could gleam from the video this was a series fight for points that say some really good battles for not just 1st though 3rd but for points to take the championship.  In the GT500 class it was a close race in points for the championship between The Honda HSV-010 of Weider who's closest rival for the championship were given a Stop and Go penalty before the race even started (source -- 7tune).  With team Eneos out of the picture it still wasn't an easy race for Weider as it was a serious battle from flag to flag with the Petronas Team.  During the race it was a door slapping tire rubbing race around the corners and a mad dash down the straights to see who had the will to out brake the other team.  In the end the Weider Honda HSV-010 couldn't find it's way around the Petronas Lexus SC430 and finished the race in 2nd place.

That was enough though for the Weider team to clinch the GT500 Championship with a total of 84 points, only two points a head of first place finisher Petronas.  Team Eneos was only able to manage one point leaving them with 70 points at the end.  Third place in the points went to another Honda HSV-010 of team Keihin.  This was definitely a good year for Honda Racing and it'll be interesting to see what they bring to the game next year.

In the GT300 race it was a wild race all except for the Hasemi Nissan 350Z who started in pole position and finished in first several seconds in front of the the second place Apple k-one Shiden.  The real battle was back in 3rd and 4th with an all Italian battle that pitted 3rd place JLOC Lamborghini against the 4th place JimGainer Ferrari.  Their battle was  an door slapping tire rubbing drag race to the corners were the two cars would trade places from corner to corner.  The JLOC Lamborghini was able to win the battle for 3rd place. 

While I was really looking forward to a great finish for the Racing Miku team thanks to a early Stop and Go penalty that sent them to the back of the pack and then later in the race they were punted around the track by the GT300 ARTA Garaiya.  With that shunt the Racing Miku team was able to finish in 9th place their best finish yet.  This also meant that the Racing Miku team finished the season in 16th place a much better finish than last years finish that is for sure.

With the Hasemi Team finishing in first and the two top contenders finishing back in the middle of the pack Hasemi came out on top with the Championship with a total of 82 points 9 points ahead of the ARTA Garaiya.  This also means the M7 Re-Amemiya RX7 will be retiring with a 3rd place finish in the championship points. Again this was a great year for the GT300 teams that say a lot of interesting battles and finishes.

Up next in November is the East Vs. West Fuji Sprint Cup and I'm not sure who I'll be rooting for just yet as I can't find out which side Racing Miku will be on at the moment.  When I do you know I'll be rooting for that side.

Here's the recap video --

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