Monday, October 25, 2010

Oct 17, 2010 Autocross

I'm writing this blog right in the middle of the last two autocross events of the year.  Last week on weekend of the 17th the Snake River Region SCCA chapter held the second to last event at the Boise Expo Center and next week the last event will be held on Halloween at the Idaho Center in Nampa, ID.  Anyways, last weeks event was the latest event that I went to to film and do the whole paparazzi thing. 

The course layout on Sunday was an interesting and fun layout that found a lot of jumps and tire lifts on course. I of course did not have an easy time at all trying to get some of those cool action shots.  In fact from the pictures I took it very much looked like I was really rusty with the whole pan and shot technique as I couldn't get any good clear shots.  I got maybe a handful of shots that would be considered good.

That doesn't mean I didn't have a good time.  Actually it was one of the better times as for a change there was only 60+ cars instead of the spring time 90+ cars so it was easier to get pictures and video and there was a lunch break in the middle that allowed even me to take a break and wonder around the paddock and relax for a  while.  Also the weather was nice.  It was cool and breezy which means I was able to be comfortable while filming.  Of course the the constant overcast didn't help with the pictures at all.

Not only was the course an interesting set up but there was also a handful of new and rarely out cars that also made this event a good one.  The Rossion Q1 which I had only been able to film once earlier was back and I was able to get a few more videos of the car.  A new older Saab was out in force.  It was interesting to watch just for the backfire noise. Also out for the first time was a BMW M5 Touring car that I got a few videos and pictures of.  I didn't get any videos of the also out for the first time Porsche 944 though.

After all was said and done I was able to get about 124 pictures and 132 videos out of the event.  And for someone who isn't a big fan of Corvettes I ended up filming them the most with a total of 18 Corvette videos.  I used to not even film the Corvettes.  And then on the flip side I love Porsche cars but I only managed two videos of the only Porsche 911 out there.  Hopefully next week I get to correct that issue. That and hopefully the other Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X with the color combo that I love will be back for this coming last race of the year before it goes back under the knife. 

You can find the pictures here -- Flickr Set
You can find the videos here -- YouTube Channel

In the mean time you can enjoy this video.

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