Friday, October 15, 2010

Rauh-Welt in eurotuner Magazine

There are a handful of car blogs that I visit on a regular interval to see if anything new and cool has popped up.  One of those is the blog for Mr. Ichiraku who just so happens to be an owner of a very green Rauh-Welt Porsche 964 Wide-body.  You've seen his car in this blog before when they released some videos on YouTube.  The other day I saw a small little image of his car on the cover of a magazine.  Not exactly something new as his car has been on a few magazine covers.  This time however it was on the cover of eurotuner.  Hell Ya!

I used to really enjoy reading eurotuner magazine but after a while the quality just went to shit and it turned into a magazine that I just wasn't interested in reading any more.  However with a Rauh-Welt car on the cover especially one that I really like well I had to have a copy.

It was easy enough to find at Barnes and Noble so I picked it up took it home and didn't waste any time getting to the article and pictures.  You gotta love full page spreads of a gorgeous old school air-cooled 911 with the huge wide-body and massive wing from the Carrera Cup racing heritage.  The article features three Rauh-Welt cars the Green Ichiraku, the Orange Makabe and Nakai-san's rather famous Stella Artois makes a small appearance in it's current configuration which means it's minus the Gold Deepdish SSR rims. This time it does have the rear bumper attached though.

The article does a good job looking at Mr. Ichiraku's Daily Driver (that's right his machine is a Daily Driver now that's pretty cool) and gives us some specs on car which until now I never new.  So there are some very good parts to the article that help give any fan of Rauh-Welt an extra piece of the puzzle.  However, there are some really glaring omissions in the article.  Like not even a mention of Idlers Games which Rauh-Welt is a major part of.  Not only that but there is little more than a sentence on his involvement in the AE86 racing world where Nakai-san got his start with Rauh-Welt in the first place.  But I guess if you're a euro mag you'd be inclined to leave that out.

All said I'd have to give the article a B and the images a B- but that might be due more to the magazine paper quality than to the actual pictures themselves.  The pictures in 0-60mag were of a much higher quality on higher quality paper.  Now if DSPORT would do an article on Rauh-Welt well I'd be in heaven with their high quality images and paper but Porsche's are outside their demographics but that doesn't mean they can't feature the S14 Silvia and AE86s instead.  If you are a fan of Rauh-Welt Begriff then I would say that this issue is a must buy or at least worthy of a read through in the store.  I couldn't find any pictures from the magazine online but I did find an online version of the magazine and did some pchopping to get the images for this blog and which I also uploaded the rest to a set on flickr which you can find here -- Rauh-Welt in eurotuner

Now enjoy the green machine in another video....

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