Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Super GT News Updates

Oh yeah lots of news leading up to the final two races of the 2010 Super GT racing series.  I should have been on the ball about the news earlier really as all this news was out in the end of September.  Thankfully for me a lot of the announcements have answered the handful of questions that I've had.  The first announcement is regarding what has happened since the cancellation of the 7th round of the series.  The second announcement goes on to discuss how round 8 will be effected by the cancellation of round 7 and finally the third announcement is about the final non pointed all star race.

Round 7 Cancellation --
With the cancellation it was decided that there would not be an alternative race held.  Instead the 2010 Super GT series will be concluded in only 7 rounds (so the race on Oct 24 will be the last pointed event and the championship decider) with the championship winners being awarded to those with the most points accumulated in those 7 rounds.  For those cars that were entered to race in the 7th round there is good news as they are being marked as a participant in the race so that they will be eligible to participate in the 9th round the All Star race.  To help rebuild after the destruction of the Typhoon there were several fund raising events held to raise money to help Oyama Town rebuild.  Another one was held at the Nissan Global Headquarters on the same day.  In total both events raised 2.6mm yen to help Oyama Town.

Round 8 Handicaps --
One of the things I didn't know is that during the final pointed event of the series success ballasts and handicap weights are removed for those teams that have been racing since Round 1.  That means the final race is a no holds race to the finish line for those last very important points.  With regards to the 7th round if the car was entered to race it was marked as a participant and their Handicap weight for Round 8 will be decided accordingly.  For the GT500 class it means all the cars will be racing with a 0kg handicap.  For the GT300 class the handicap help will only really matter to the top 5 cars in the class.  As the rest of the field simply wont be able to win the championship with their current points total.  This is also the last chance for any cars to be eligible to be entered into the 9th round and the All Star race.

The Entry List has been published for the 8th round and it looks like the only car not listed to participate is the GT300 Hankook Porsche. 

Round 9 Fuji Sprint Cup: East Vs. West --
The last event of the year (round 9) is not a pointed event but an end of the year All Star Race that pits participants from Super GT and Formula Nippon in a race that will see an East Vs. West Competition where the teams will be split between drivers born in East Japan versus drivers born in the West of Japan.  The winning team will be decided by the grand total of points received by the drivers not only in the Super GT race and Formula Nippon Race but all the supporting races as well.  Fans will also be able to help out their team by buying team specific colored wrist straps that will add points to their team's score.  The Fuji Sprint Cup will be held on Nov 12-14.

The announcement for the Fuji Sprint Cup came during the Motor Sport Japan Festival held at the beginning of October.  The Motor Sport Japan Festival is a show case of Motorsports events in Japan that allows the fans to get an up close and personal look at the events get autographs from their favorite drivers and other fun things.  There are several videos on YouTube from this years event. 

Here is a clip of the Super GT cars that were there.

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