Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Discover Porsche Test-Drive Event

For the most part my e-mail is pretty boring routine stuff but some days there is a gold mind hiding in there.  This week on such gold mine appeared in the form of an invite to a special Porsche test drive.  Not one to skimp on a chance to actually take a new Porsche 911 out for a little spin I dutifully signed up hoping for the best.  The time and date were set and I was looking forward to getting behind the wheel of a new Porsche and I was really hoping I'd get to drive 911. 

The blurb about the Event I got from the Porsche e-mail went like this --
You are invited for an exclusive opportunity to take a test drive through the Discover Porsche Test Drive Event. This event is designed especially for you to demonstrate Porsche Intelligent Performance. Experience the Porsche 911, the New Cayenne, the Panamera and either the Boxster or the Cayman. While you are here, meet and talk to one of our Porsche Sport Driving School Instructors or one of our Porsche Certified dealership personnel. Come in for a test drive and find all the answers on the road. Just like we did. Porsche. There is no substitute.

That definitely sounds like it would be a lot of fun doesn't it?  Although I was rather surprised that I would get the invite but I guess that's what happens when you keep pestering Porsche about press access for the blog and ordering things from them.  Of course this morning I had my doubts about the event when I woke up to find the first snow falling of the season.  Thankfully the snow didn't matter and I arrived to find out that sure enough I was going to get to drive a Porsche 911, in this case it was a Carrera 4S with PDK.  I know know I fail at the stick but hey that's life for right now.

With a very quick little overview of what was going to happen I and Bob, one of the Porsche Sales People hoped in the 911 and followed the other Porsches out on a drive that saw us heading out to a nice winding back country road that I'm sure would be a lot of fun if it wasn't for the falling snow and rain that we were experiencing on the drive, not to mention the huge fog bank as well.   

The Porsche 911 C4S was just fantastic though.  I didn't get to happy with the throttle, I did goose it a bit around a couple corners but all of Porsche's safety systems kept me in check.  That and I really didn't want to scare Bob that much.  I did have Bob take some pictures on the drive as well.  I'm sure it'll get a lot of use during the day.  The good thing about it was that there just wasn't that much traffic out and the weather wasn't being all that bad.  Once back at the dealership we were treated to lunch from one of the Pasta places in town the Macaroni Grill.  It was good and a great way to end a fun little drive.  The drivers were also treated to a goodie bag filled with a Porsche Coffee travel mug and some brochures.

I just want to once again thank PorscheLyle Pearson Porsche of Boise, Bob and everyone else who made this event such an enjoyable way to spend some time out driving a wonderful car on a wonderful drive.  Thank you. Did I mention that I'm a giddy lil' boy and that my Happy meter is pegged at 11 now that I've finally driven a Porsche 911.  Well it is. You can find some other pictures of the event on flickr.

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