Monday, November 29, 2010

Hankook Lady -- Korea Vs. Japan

In a slight departure from my normal Race Queen post I'll be giving us a slight peak into the Korean Race Queen world.  I don't post about the Korean Race Queens because to be honest they get some really great coverage else where and I just wouldn't be able to add anything new to what they post.  I'm doing this post because I thought it would be cool to do after I saw that the Korean Hankook Ladies had the same uniform as the Japanese Hankook Ladies and I've been wanting to do a Korean Race Queen Vs. Japanese Race Queen post.

Of course I've already done a RQ Team Feature on the Japanese Hankook Ladies and you can find that post here -- RQ Team: Hankook Lady but we'll do a little recap for you.  The Japanese Hankook Lady team is made up of Hiroko Yoshino, Yoshi Musume and Yurie Asada and out of the bunch Yurie is in my opinion the cutest one followed closely by Yoshi.  I love black hair but Hiroko just has an odd to me face.  As a team they though they rank up there pretty high with a cute interesting uniform cute Race Queens and in my opinion an awesome car to be representing, one of the Porsche 911(997m) GT3R. The Hankook team were able to pull out a pretty respectable race season finishing in 17th place for only being able to compete or finish in three races during the season.  They were able to compete in the Fuji Sprint Cup where they also had a pretty respectable race as well. The Race Queens have also been out and around more as well turning up in more videos and additional Race Queen pictures including some new sets in the professional series as well.  I'm not going to post those here though as I'd rather post that in the original post instead.

On the other hand the Korean Hankook Race Queens I've never featured and they also have an additional member on their team.  The Korean Team members are Cho Yu Na (조유나), Kim Na Na (김나나), Lee Sung Hwa (성화님) and Han Chae-I (한채이) and the problem here is that they all have straight jet black hair.  And are all really cute.  That's one of the reasons why I REALLY like Korean Race Queens.  The good majority of them are my type of Asian cuties and that's pretty damn hard to ignore.  What they don't have going for them is the car.  It's not a Porsche in fact I'm not even sure what it is because no one seems to care about the cars actually racing in the CJ Super Race and you only see little bits and pieces of them in the coverage.  I think the car might be a Hyundai Genesis Coupe but I'm not really sure.

Now since I don't have any links to the Korean Hankook ladies I'll just have to fix that problem right now.  I visit a few different sites that regularly post Korean models and you'll be able find a multitude of different Korean Race Queens at the following Sites --

An1mA -- HK1, HK2, HK3, HK4 and HK5
Cute Korean --  HK1, HK2, HK3, HK4 and HK5
Idol Retouch --  CJ SR1, CJ SR2 and CJ SR3
Really Cute Asians --  Nothing now.

I know I've seen some other posts with the Hankook ladies in them but for the life of me I can't find them at the moment. 

So the question is Who wins?  Well that really depends on your tastes.  Korea wins the number of members but Japan wins for a much better car to represent but hands down my opinion is that the Korean Hankook Ladies are just hella cute compared to their Japanese counterparts. Of course if you're still not convinced that I'm right there are some videos of the Korean Hankook Ladies in action.

You can find those videos below.

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