Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oct. 30, 2010 Autocross Event

Fall is here and autocross is done.  This last weekend was the last Autocross event of the year and it was a two day event.  I wasn't planning on going to the event on Saturday as I still had a lot of work to do on my car.  However my roommate went and when he got there he saw something interesting and sent me a picture text message.  Damn!  There was a Ferrari there going to autocross. So I dropped what I was doing and grabbed my camera gear and headed out.

The Ferrari wasn't a cool as all hell model but a 328GTB a late '80s model still cool to see it out there chasing cones.  There were a few other cool cars that had shown up for the last event.  Off the top of my head there was an Opel 1900 out for the first time and a Honda CRZ, yes a hybrid was out autocrossing.  Since I had gotten out there late I didn't get a whole lot of videos and pictures but I did get that Ferrari and Honda CRZ.  I think at the moment I have the only videos on YouTube of an autocrossing Honda CRZ.

One of the seriously annoying things about the autocross event on Saturday were the floating Spiders.  You know how baby spiders find new homes they shoot a web to be caught up in the wind and drift off to a new place.  Well we were getting hit with what had to be hundreds of them.  It made filming an interesting adventure because they would land on you and start crawling around on your skin and would just drive you nuts and while I was holding the video camera and filming it was worst because I couldn't kill the spiders while filming because the genius that I am ran out of the house without the tripod so I was filming in hand held mode and it sucked.

Thankfully after lunch I was able to borrow a tripod from another photographer out there and I got back to being able to film and kill spiders at the same time.

The good thing about the Saturday event is that the weather held up really nicely.  It was overcast like last time but it didn't rain like it was supposed to.  It was a nice cool fall day with some awesome cars out running the autocross course from hell.

You can find the full set of pictures that I took here -- Flickr
As for the videos it's a little harder to find were they are since I've already uploaded the videos from Sunday as well right after them.  Check out the YouTube channel for the videos.

Here's the Ferrari 328GTB in action

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