Friday, November 5, 2010

Oct. 31, 2010 Autocross Event

While Saturday's event had nice weather Sunday's event was the complete opposite until the afternoon.  The morning was basically a deluge of rain.  An unrelenting downpour that made the course an interesting puddle filled maze of cones.  Then the rain stopped, it started to dry up leaving the course slick for a while and then for the last run group the course completely dried up leaving them a fun course to run.  Thanks to the rain though not a whole lot of cars showed up for the last event.  But that didn't mean it wasn't a fun last blast of the year.

The Honda CRZ was back out for some last of the year fun.  No Ferrari though.  Mostly it was the regulars that always make it to an event that made it to this one.  It was definitely a diehard's day.  Thanks to the rain there wasn't any spiders out floating around so that was good.  But the cold wet weather wasn't good for me even though I was under my TEIN umbrella it was starting to leak (needs to be re-weatherproofed) and it didn't keep the wind from getting my pants soaked.  The cold weather was freezing my little fingers so I was really happy to see the sun come out during lunch time and for it to start warming up finally.

With the weather warming up the times started to drop fast but not before some people had fun finding out where there was traction and were there wasn't still.  There wasn't really much else going on it was pretty un-eventful and with nothing really new or exciting in regards to the cars that were out there it was a good end of the year run for those last points to get the end of the year trophy.

It was an interesting adventure taking pictures and I think I was able to get some good stuff.  You can check out the set here -- Flickr Set

As for the videos I did remember to bring the tripod and I got a good number of videos something like 88 videos I believe.  That means I now have 1920 videos on my YouTube channel

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