Monday, November 22, 2010

Porsche Cayman R

In February there will be a new Porsche Cayman joining the ever growing Porsche stable.  This one is special and comes with an all important addition to the badge, an R.  People have wanted more from the Cayman S and with the R badge Porsche finally gives them an answer.  The new Cayman R was official unveiled during the LA Autoshow that happened last week.  It was there with the new Carrera GTS and the new 911 Speedster.

Of course they would have to unveil the car in probably the worst color possible a one hell of an ugly puke green color.  Thankfully unlike the Speedster it's available in more than a handful of colors.  I'm also sure the lettering on the side will be optional as well if you like yours clean. Thankfully I found a Photoshopped white image to use.

In Porsche's own words the R is reserved for very special sports cars.  The R stands for responsive and refined – but most especially for racy.  And the Cayman R combines all of those attributes by shaving wait, adding horsepower and changing up the chassis for a lower and more sporty driving experience.  The Cayman R's 3.4L midship engine sports an additional 10hp for a new total of 330hp.  In addition the Cayman R shaves 121lbs from the standard car.  With the additional horse power and the diet the Cayman R is capable of getting to 62mph in a rapid 5 seconds flat.  But wait if get the Cayman R with PDK you can accelerate to 62mph in only 4.9 seconds but you'll lose 1mph at the top end with a top speed of 175mph and 174mph respectively.  Add the sport chrono and the 0-62mph time drops to 4.7 seconds.

Not only does the Cayman R get an updated engine and chassis but the Cayman R receives a new fixed rear spoiler, lowered by 0.79 inches and given light weight 19inch rims as part of the diet.  Of course you can also opt to get the light weight lithium-ion battery to even loose some extra weight. But back to the exterior there are a few other minor changes to the exterior and interior but it's nothing to drastic.

All that adds up to a nice little package for those who wanted more out of their Cayman cars and I'm sure it'll sell well when it goes on sale February of 2011 for an MSRP of $95,957.

For Porsche's complete Press Release you can check it out here

Check out the the new video of the Cayman R below thanks to Porsche.

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