Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Post 100

A small milestone for my autoblog.  This is the hundredth post for Festival of Speed and it's been an interesting journey so far.  I'm not really sure if it's at were I wanted to to be at but really I'm feeling good about how it has turned out. A lot has happened since I started this blog back on April 10th of this year.  Has it improved? Have I improved?  Is blog even relevant?  I wold like to think that it has definitely answered yes to all of those questions.

Of course only the readers can really answer that and with the total lack of comments and only one follower I'm not entirely sure about the relevant part at all.  However,  I do believe that I have improved both the blog and myself over time.  The whole reason I started the car blog and separated it from my hillbilly Otaku anime blog was to be taken serious and be more professional so that I'd get maybe better offers and more interest in other things.  That may have paid off with Porsche last week with the 911 test drive.

Of course what would a milestone post be with out some stats.  Thanks to Google's Analytics (minus a small hicup) I have a good bit of knowledge about the site's traffic.  Since April 10th the site has been visited 3052 times from just about every where on the planet.  I am missing a few countries here and there though. I've tossed up an image of how it's gone since it started.

So know that we know how it's gone up to now what can be in store for the next hundred posts or so.  Will I have it done before my 1 year anniversary? Probably not, but I'll definitely give it a shot.  Maybe that will be my goal for this coming year.  Another 100 posts by April 10, 2011.  Goal, set, match.  Of course the funny thing is that over on the Anime blog side I have 3 posts until I hit post number 666,  how much fun will that be.

Now the question is just how am I going to do that.  I"m not going to resort to the easy as pie post a cool picture I found on the internet that's what the sweet ride of the day is for.  I might have a look back at some older stuff that I've done. I'll definitely be looking at news of the upcoming 2011 Super GT season.  I still have to find out what's happening to the Honda CRZ from a while ago.  I'll be covering any new Porsche and RWB news that I come across also.  Since the Idaho motor scene is pretty much dead until about March or so there wont be much in that regards.

And don't forget the videos.  Lots more videos in store for the next year.  Maybe even some snow drifting if the snow allows.  I'm also sure I'll toss some odd ball posts in there as well.  Of course how could I forget the Race Queens.  Of course that'll be around for ever on Friday in one way or another as it seems to be the biggest draw to the site. 

Speak of the devil a couple new Race Queen videos.

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