Sunday, November 14, 2010

RQ Team: Epson Girls

This weekend marks the very end of the 2010 Autobacs Super GT season with the Fuji Sprint Cup race and I haven't watched any of it yet but from the results it looks like it was a spectacular finishing race.  With that I believe that will be the last we'll see of this year's Race Queens.  Now all I have to do is finish up the teams before the end of the year which I don't think will be that hard with only a handful teams left that have been around for the the entirity of season. I'm going to bunch of the one race Race Queens into a single post.  With that this weeks Race Queen Team is the GT500 Team Epson Nakajima Racing Epson Girls.

The Epson Nakajima Racing team ran one of the new Honda HSV-010 cars, unfortunately they did not have a very good year in 2010.  They finished the season in dead last place with a paltry 21 points.  During the Fuji Sprint Cup races they finished 6th in the first race and 4th in the second race.  A little bit better but it doesn't count.  Here's looking forward to a better year in 2011 boys. 

As for the Epson Girls Race Queens well it was probably the most covered up two member group with Minako Yamada (山田美菜子) and Eri Maruyama (丸山えり) seriously I think these two ladies for the most part wore the most clothing of all the race queens.  Their Race Queen uniform was made up of a weird blue overcoat thing with a large opening at the top to expose the blue and white dress underneath.  The dress was a mid-length number emblazoned with Epson.  Their legs were covered by those weird stay up thigh high bell bottom leggings that were really popular the year before.  While their arms were covered from their wrists up to their biceps in an arm band.

I looked around and neither one of the ladies has done any pro-race queen photoshoots at the moment.  So I'll just jump right into posting the Race Queen pictures which surprised me with just how much I found.  I didn't see that many pictures of the ladies but after searching for them I found quit a bit actually.

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Oh course you can find the Epson Girls in the videos as well
This video was just posted today...

In this one they are found at 6:41

The Epson Girls are located at 5:14 in this video

In this one they are a little bit more hidden but they are at 5:34

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