Sunday, November 28, 2010

RQ Team: Mola Lady

We are definitely getting down to the last couple of Race Queen Teams and the one for this weekend will be the Race Queen Team Mola Ladies who are the Race Queens for the GT300 team of Up Start Mola Z who race the second Nissan 350Z (Fairlady Z).  The Up Start Mola Z team managed to finish the season out in 6th place.  They also had a strong showing at the Fuji Sprint Cup.

The Mola Lady Race Queen Team is a 2 member team made up of Sayaka Anno (安野冴香) and Kokoro Narumi (鳴海こころ) both of who were newbies this year.  In this case Kokoro is definitely also the cuter of the two.  Their uniforms are pretty basic two toned silver and black mini skirt and halter top outfit with some knee high boots.  They also wear a black choker and occasionally  they appeared wearing fishnet stockings, lace gloves and a fur-lined mid-drift jacket.  During the year the ladies didn't get a whole lot of exposure which is why they are way back here at the end of the year.

Looking to see if they did any professional modeling for the Race Queen groups and neither one of them did but Kokoro did do a set for dynamitechannel earlier in year.  So it looks like I'll just be posting what Race Queen pictures that I can find.  Although if you search for the ladies by their names on google image search you'll find more than Race Queen pictures as well so if you want to see more of them I'd head there as well.

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Of course we can't forget the videos

The Mola Ladies are at 0:33

The Mola Ladies are at 1:23

The Mola Ladies are at 1:11

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