Monday, November 22, 2010

RQ Team: Raybrig Race Queen

I'm getting close to the end of the 2010 Race Queen teams with only 4 main teams and a handfull of various other Race Queens of course that also leaves me with some of the less popular Race Queen teams not that they are not as important or cute or anything it's just that they didn't pop up as much on blogs and what not as much as the other ones.  This weeks Race Queen team feature will be for the Race Queens of the GT500 Honda HSV-010 Team Kunimitsu Raybrig.  This year the Raybrig team finished the season in 7th place with some good finishes during the year.

The Raybrig Race Queens is a two member team of Yuka Tanaka (田中優夏) and Rina Kato (加藤里奈) at the start of the year I wasn't really liking their uniform because of the over top that they had over the regular tube top that they showed off the rest of the year.  Their uniform was a white with light blue highlights pleated mini skirt and tube top affair.  They also had lace up arm covers and an odd lace up halter-top that covered the tube top.  They also wore knee high boots.  Once they got rid of the arm covers and the over top they were cute.  Oddly enough for one race they also wore Raybrig kimonos that were super cute. 

I took a look around to see if they did any of the pro Race Queen photo sites but I didn't find anything so I'll just be going straight to the Race Queen photos from around the internet.  I'm thinking everyone has up what they'll have up at this point.

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Random Blogs -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5, RQ6,
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Being a bit less famous and popular so far I've only seen them in one video.
You'll find the Raybrig Race Queens at 11:48

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