Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Year of the Rabbit

In a short four more days it will be 2011 and according to the Chinese Zodiac table it's the year of the Metal Rabbit and what better way to celebrate then by tossing up a lil' post on the always awesome Volkswagen Rabbit to celebrate the coming new year.  While VW is not currently selling a Rabbit version of the Golf and they only sold the Golf in American under the Rabbit name with the MK1 and MK5 models maybe they'll revive the name once again for this year.

If you don't follow the Chinese Zodiac calendar then here is what the Year of the Rabbit is all about.
In the Chinese zodiac, the rabbit is fourth in a cycle of 12 animals that represent each Chinese New Year. 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit and occurs from February 3, 2011 to January 22, 2012. The Year of the Rabbit should be a peaceful year, much welcomed after the Year of the Tiger. Rules and regulations will not be as strictly enforced and people will have fun and relax. Overall, it should be a moderate year with an easygoing pace. People born under the Year of the Rabbit possess characteristics similar to a rabbit, while aspects of their lives also reflect a rabbit's tendencies.
So with all that in mind hopefully this next year will be a better year not only for those of us who have had a really crappy 2010 but for everyone.  I know I could use a laid back peaceful new year.

Check out this funny VW Rabbit commercial

Sunday, December 26, 2010

RQ Team: Thunder Asia Racing

This Race Queen Team Feature seems more like one of my Foxy Friday Features considering how little Race Queen pictures I found for Kaoru Sumiya the Race Queen for the GT300 365 Thunder Asia Racing Team.  The really interesting aspect to the 365 Thunder Asia RacingTeam (other than they run a Mosler 900) is that they are the only Foreign team based out of Singapore.  Other cars are sponsored by Singapore companies but this is the only one based entirely out of Singapore.  Now back to the lovely Kaoru.  Oh yeah it was a bad year for the team as they finished the year out at dead last.  Hopefully they have a better year in 2011.

I think the team had a couple other race queens at the beginning of the year for one race after only a few pictures they were gone and along came Kaoru Sumiya (澄谷薫 / 澄谷薫さん) who popped up for a handful of races at the end of the race.  Her Race Queen uniform is a bit different and is one of only a handful of uniforms that included pants.  Although the pants didn't really cover much as they were sideties all of the way down to the split open bell bottoms.  The rest of the uniform was one of those collored midrif tank top shirts.  The color scheme is a white base with some red accents along with brown and red dots.  I would have liked to see more of her during the year but what are you going to do.

Now Kaoru is a pretty well established gravure idol and race queen and she has been around for a while with several different teams through out the years.  You'll also find her at car shows as well.  She has appeared several times for TopQueen which you can check out at these links. TQ1, TQ2 and TQ3 (have to be logged into see pictures).   Maybe we'll get lucky and more stuff will show up a little later even though it's almost already time for next year.

As for the Race Queen thing I found some links and I'm just going to list them out as there just isn't that many from one source so can't do my usual link posting.
Race Queen Photogallery
RQ Blog 1
Motor & Cos
RQ Blog 2
Kurumaerabi 1
Kurumaerabi 2
RQ Blog 3
RQ Blog 4
RQ Blog 5
RQ Blog 6
RQ Blog 7
RQ Blog 8
RQ Blog 9

I didn't find Kaoru in any of the Race Queen videos that I've posted but there videos of her out there just not in a Race Queen uniform so here is the one slightly automotive related video of Kaoru.

I lied, I found her in this video at 10:48

Monday, December 20, 2010

RQ Team: Endless Lady

And here we are getting ready to go with the latest Race Queen Team feature.  A couple more and we'll be done for the year.  I could actually probably skip these last few or just do one really big blow out but I think I'll finish these last two and do the various left over ones at the first of the year.  This week's Race Queen Team is the Endless Ladies who were part of the GT300 Team Taison who ran one of the few Porsche 911 GT3 RSRs this last year.  I've already mentioned how they did when I covered the Main Race Queen Team for Team Taison so I won't go into any of that.

The complete Endless Lady team is actually made up of a large group of ladies but only two of them work on the Super GT team as well as the other racing series that they support.  And I couldn't find a group shot of just the two Super GT Endless Ladies so went with the larger group picture. Also though out the year I didn't see these ladies in a lot of pictures or videos either so it's going to be a short post I think.

The two ladies that make up the Endless Lady Race Queen Team are Tanaka Sayomi (田中さよみ) and Sakura Emi (佐倉恵美) and their outfits are pretty normal Race Queen uniforms with a Blue with White highlights miniskirt and tube top outfit with a small half jacket and white high heels. Nothing to fancy there.  While looking around to see if they did the professional race queen stuff I did find that Sakura Emi has been doing some.  She has a full set of pictures with RQ-star a few set with Topqueen (2) and Maidqueenz.  As for Tanaka Sayomi I couldn't find anything other than the Race Queen pictures.

So without further ado here are the Endless Lady Race Queen pictures.  At least the ones that I can find.
Motor & COS -- RQ1
None Super GT pictures -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4 and RQ5
Some Dude' Blog -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3 and RQ4
Car @ Nifty
Another Dude's Blog -- RQ1 and RQ2
Random Blogs -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5, RQ6 and RQ7
Digital Juicy -- RQ1 and RQ2

And that's it for the pictures.  As for videos there is one

Thursday, December 16, 2010

2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RSR

Yeah look a new GT3 RSR.  That's right Porsche has recently unveiled their 2011 update for their powerhouse racer the 911 GT3 RSR.  The updated 911 GT3 RSR joins Porsche's other 911 GT3 racers the R and the Cup with updated aerodynamics front and rear along with changes to the suspension kinematics and the engine.  The updated 911 GT3 RSR also gets a few extra bits and bobbles to make it look more like this year's road legal cars as well.  All I can say is ... Do want.

However at a cool half a million and change for a complete car (you can update your older GT3 RSR's to the 2011 edition for less) I don't think I'll be getting my hands on one any time soon.  I do wonder though who in the  Super GT might be picking one up for next year.  Of course all in all this car may be illegal for GT300 specs I'm not exactly up and up on the Super GT regs.  Anyways,  back to the new car.  As a stand out winner even with the hefty price tag people will be snapping these bad boys up to go racing and with the latest updates to the car it's stands to reason that they will be winning even more races in 2011.

The new 911 GT3 RSR was unveiled at the "Night of Champions" party held at the R&D Centre in Weissach to celebrate the end of the 2010 racing season.  Guests were treated to a glimpse of the new car sporting many visiable updates from the previous generation.  The updated aerodynamics includes a new front lip  to generate higher downforce on the front axle.  At the rear of the car a lot of modifactions were carried out. "The position of the rear wing and the shape of the wing mounting also underwent optimisation and were adapted to the new rear fairing with additional air outlet louvers. The rear lid was also redesigned for optimised air ducting." To help with understear issues and add grip the front rims grew from 11" to 12" and the rear tail lights received an update to the LED tail lights seen on Porsche's road going 911.

What you can't see are the updates to the engine components and the racing suspension.  First up the 4.0L Flat 6 is now sporting 455hp (up 5hp from the previous model)  thanks to an engine management update and redesigned exhaust and air intake housing.  The suspension system was also gone over to make the new GT3 RSR more drivable.

Like I said all this awesome Porsche racing goodness could be yours for a new price of 410,000 euros or $541,364 thankfully if you already have a 2010 GT3 RSR you can get a retrofit kit that includes all the updates for a substantial reduction in price, which they didn't list.

You can read all about the new 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RSR on their official press release which you have to read at WORLDCARFANS since I can't find it on Porsche's PR page, there are also 12 additional pictures of the car there as well.  Sadily at the moment they haven't released any new cool videos of the car yet.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

RQ Team: RQ's Racing Angels

With the end of another weekend in site we should take a look at another Race Team and this week we'll take a look at one of the Race Queen Teams that kinda showed up really late to the game.  So late in fact that the Race Queens are not mentioned (except for their old RQ Teams) on Qblog.  The Race Queen Team in question is the RQ's (or R'Qs) Racing Angels who support the GT300 Team of R'Qs Motorsports Vemac 350R.  This team only showed up after around 6 so pictures and video are rather limited.

What's even worse is that since these Race Queens showed up late to the party I don't have any confirmed English translations to their names so once again I'm guessing what their names are.  I'm also just a bit confused on just exactly where that darn apostrophe is supposed to go. On their Race Queen Uniforms the apostrophe is between he R and Q but every where online that I've seen it's after the Q.  So I'm going with that for now.

In any case the three lovely ladies who make up the Race Queen Team is Nao Kuno (奥野奈緒), Norie (峰のりえ) and Kanae Muranishi (村西加奈恵) and their Race Queen uniform is a shiny silver with pink white and black accented mini skirt and halter top.  They also sport Thigh-high boots of the same color combo.  Of course other than the one Race Queen Kanae who looks to be a total newbie I thought the others might have done some professional Race Queen photosets and after a quick look around I didn't find anything.  So I'll just continue on with the regular Race Queen pictures. They may not have may pictures out there but they are some of the more cute Race Queens in the bunch.

Race Queen Photogallery -- RQ1 and RQ2
Kurumaerabi -- RQ1 and RQ2
Car @nifty -- RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3
Random Blogs -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5 and RQ6
Motor & Cos
Ponpon Blog -- RQ1 and RQ2

Of course the ladies have been able to find their way into a few videos as well.
THIS video couldn't be embeded so you'll just have to check it out at the link

However you can view this video with them at 04:25 here

In this video you can find them at 02:08

Saturday, December 11, 2010

2010 Nismo Festival

I may be a Porsche fanboy at heart but even I would like to check out the annual Nismo Festival in person.  This last week was the 2010 Nismo Festival and this year's theme was "Nissan Racing DNA".  The Nismo Festival has been bringing fans of Nissan and Nismo together since 1997 and this year was a large turn out that saw fans enjoying past and present Super GT cars along with an incredible assortment of various other race and road cars.

And don't forget the lovely Race Queens there were plenty of the Race Queens from Super GT and Super Taikyu out in attendance as well.  Of course since I am not able to attend something as cool as the Nismo Festival I have to enjoy it by reading other's reports and enjoying their pictures that they are willing to share with us along with the various videos that you can find on the internet.

I scoured the internet this last week looking for the best of the best content and this is what I've found.  Not only are there some great pictures of the cars but there are also some great pictures of the Race Queens as well.  I have to admit that even I would have to but an adventure to the Nismo Festival down as a must attend  some time in my life adventure.   However until then enjoy these links from the 2010 Nismo Festival --

Speedhunters 1 
Speedhunters 2
Speedhunters 3
7tune -- the best write up and pictures so far
Nismo Forum
Force GT
Car @nifty

And the Race Queens
Race Queen Photogallery -- NF1 and NF2
Motor & Cos -- NF1 and NF2
That Dude's Blog -- NF1 and NF2

There are of course also videos of the action that took place at the Nismo Festival.

Just found some Race Queen videos from the Nismo Festival as well.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

RQ Team -- Mobil1 Race Queen

Another weekend means it's time for another Race Queen Team Feature. This week's Race Queen Team is the very unique Mobil1 Race Queen Team.  It's unique because the three ladies that comprise the team support Mobil1 with three different Super GT GT500 Teams.  It would be even more unique if they were teams that had all three of the different cars but it's two Honda HSV-010 and one Nissan GTR.

The lovely ladies who make up the Mobil1 Race Queen team are Mayumi Nagayama (長山真由美) who supports the Team ARTA Honda HSV-010 and is also a newbie this year. Chihiro Kishimoto (岸本千尋) who supports the Team Calsonic Impul Nissan GT-R. And finally Minae Demura (出村美苗) who supports the Team Kunimitsu which is the Raybrig Honda HSV-010. Even with supporting different teams the ladies all sport the same Race Queen uniform a simple shiny white mini dress with a silver Mobil1 logo running diagonally up the dress. They are often also sporting thigh-high boots and large white hoop earrings and bracelets.

Since two of them are returning Race Queens I really thought I'd find some pro-photosets but looking around I didn't find anything on any of the ladies even though all three of them are very cute ladies. So I guess I'll just have to get on with posting the normal Race Queen images.

Race Queen Photogallery -- RQ1
Kurumaerabi -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5, RQ6, RQ7, RQ8, RQ9, RQ10, RQ11, RQ12 and RQ13
Car @nifty -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5, RQ6 and RQ7
Motor & COS -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5 and RQ6
Random Blogs -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4 and RQ5
That Dude's Blog -- RQ1 and RQ2
Another Dude's Blog -- RQ1 and RQ2
Some Dude's Blog -- RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3

Of course they are also in a few videos here and there.
In this video you can find them at -- 0:35

In this video you can find them at -- 4:12

In this video you can find them at -- 3:18
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