Saturday, December 11, 2010

2010 Nismo Festival

I may be a Porsche fanboy at heart but even I would like to check out the annual Nismo Festival in person.  This last week was the 2010 Nismo Festival and this year's theme was "Nissan Racing DNA".  The Nismo Festival has been bringing fans of Nissan and Nismo together since 1997 and this year was a large turn out that saw fans enjoying past and present Super GT cars along with an incredible assortment of various other race and road cars.

And don't forget the lovely Race Queens there were plenty of the Race Queens from Super GT and Super Taikyu out in attendance as well.  Of course since I am not able to attend something as cool as the Nismo Festival I have to enjoy it by reading other's reports and enjoying their pictures that they are willing to share with us along with the various videos that you can find on the internet.

I scoured the internet this last week looking for the best of the best content and this is what I've found.  Not only are there some great pictures of the cars but there are also some great pictures of the Race Queens as well.  I have to admit that even I would have to but an adventure to the Nismo Festival down as a must attend  some time in my life adventure.   However until then enjoy these links from the 2010 Nismo Festival --

Speedhunters 1 
Speedhunters 2
Speedhunters 3
7tune -- the best write up and pictures so far
Nismo Forum
Force GT
Car @nifty

And the Race Queens
Race Queen Photogallery -- NF1 and NF2
Motor & Cos -- NF1 and NF2
That Dude's Blog -- NF1 and NF2

There are of course also videos of the action that took place at the Nismo Festival.

Just found some Race Queen videos from the Nismo Festival as well.

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