Sunday, December 12, 2010

RQ Team: RQ's Racing Angels

With the end of another weekend in site we should take a look at another Race Team and this week we'll take a look at one of the Race Queen Teams that kinda showed up really late to the game.  So late in fact that the Race Queens are not mentioned (except for their old RQ Teams) on Qblog.  The Race Queen Team in question is the RQ's (or R'Qs) Racing Angels who support the GT300 Team of R'Qs Motorsports Vemac 350R.  This team only showed up after around 6 so pictures and video are rather limited.

What's even worse is that since these Race Queens showed up late to the party I don't have any confirmed English translations to their names so once again I'm guessing what their names are.  I'm also just a bit confused on just exactly where that darn apostrophe is supposed to go. On their Race Queen Uniforms the apostrophe is between he R and Q but every where online that I've seen it's after the Q.  So I'm going with that for now.

In any case the three lovely ladies who make up the Race Queen Team is Nao Kuno (奥野奈緒), Norie (峰のりえ) and Kanae Muranishi (村西加奈恵) and their Race Queen uniform is a shiny silver with pink white and black accented mini skirt and halter top.  They also sport Thigh-high boots of the same color combo.  Of course other than the one Race Queen Kanae who looks to be a total newbie I thought the others might have done some professional Race Queen photosets and after a quick look around I didn't find anything.  So I'll just continue on with the regular Race Queen pictures. They may not have may pictures out there but they are some of the more cute Race Queens in the bunch.

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Of course the ladies have been able to find their way into a few videos as well.
THIS video couldn't be embeded so you'll just have to check it out at the link

However you can view this video with them at 04:25 here

In this video you can find them at 02:08

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