Sunday, December 26, 2010

RQ Team: Thunder Asia Racing

This Race Queen Team Feature seems more like one of my Foxy Friday Features considering how little Race Queen pictures I found for Kaoru Sumiya the Race Queen for the GT300 365 Thunder Asia Racing Team.  The really interesting aspect to the 365 Thunder Asia RacingTeam (other than they run a Mosler 900) is that they are the only Foreign team based out of Singapore.  Other cars are sponsored by Singapore companies but this is the only one based entirely out of Singapore.  Now back to the lovely Kaoru.  Oh yeah it was a bad year for the team as they finished the year out at dead last.  Hopefully they have a better year in 2011.

I think the team had a couple other race queens at the beginning of the year for one race after only a few pictures they were gone and along came Kaoru Sumiya (澄谷薫 / 澄谷薫さん) who popped up for a handful of races at the end of the race.  Her Race Queen uniform is a bit different and is one of only a handful of uniforms that included pants.  Although the pants didn't really cover much as they were sideties all of the way down to the split open bell bottoms.  The rest of the uniform was one of those collored midrif tank top shirts.  The color scheme is a white base with some red accents along with brown and red dots.  I would have liked to see more of her during the year but what are you going to do.

Now Kaoru is a pretty well established gravure idol and race queen and she has been around for a while with several different teams through out the years.  You'll also find her at car shows as well.  She has appeared several times for TopQueen which you can check out at these links. TQ1, TQ2 and TQ3 (have to be logged into see pictures).   Maybe we'll get lucky and more stuff will show up a little later even though it's almost already time for next year.

As for the Race Queen thing I found some links and I'm just going to list them out as there just isn't that many from one source so can't do my usual link posting.
Race Queen Photogallery
RQ Blog 1
Motor & Cos
RQ Blog 2
Kurumaerabi 1
Kurumaerabi 2
RQ Blog 3
RQ Blog 4
RQ Blog 5
RQ Blog 6
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I didn't find Kaoru in any of the Race Queen videos that I've posted but there videos of her out there just not in a Race Queen uniform so here is the one slightly automotive related video of Kaoru.

I lied, I found her in this video at 10:48

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