Sunday, January 23, 2011

2011 Race Queen Grand Prix

With the end of the Tokyo Auto Salon of 2011 I've been digging around looking or the cool pictures of girls, cars and Super GT news I found out that they also held the Annual Race Queen Grand Prix and announced the 2011 Race Queen of the year.  And while none of the girls that I thought would have a good chance of winning it were even in the top five this year's winner is...

This year's winner was the Autech Race Queen Chinatsu Minami (美波千夏) I thought her Motul Counterpart had a better chance but I guess I was wrong not that Minami isn't damn hot but of the two I had my money on Motul's Race Queen. Go figure my ideals would be so much different than the other thousands of voters out there.

Anyways a huge congratulations to Chinatsu Minami for taking the Race Queen crown for 2011, you deserve it just as much as any of the lovely Race Queens from last year.

The four other winners and the awards they won --
Second place -- Dunlop Race Queen Misato Kashiwagi (柏木美里)
Q Bro! Award -- Weds Sports Race Queen Natsumi Senaga (瀬長奈津実)
Pigoo HD Award -- Zent Sweeties Momoka Narushima (成島桃香)
Gals Paradise Award -- D'Station Fresh Angel Junko Maya (真野淳子)

I'm not going to go crazy about links today but I did dig up some links and videos of the Awards ceremony for you to check out.

But first some links just for the super cute Minami
TopQueen links for Chinatsu Minami
Private Gallery for Chinatsu Minami
A Blog with a ton of Chinatsu Minami posts

2011 Race Queen Grand Prix posts
Kurumaerabi of course had a news article about it.
Here is Japanese news report video -- 47news
Random Blog 1
Random Blog 2
Random Blog 3
Random Blog 4

Of course what would one of these Race Queen Posts be with out some Videos.  You can find some great videos of Chinatsu Minami on YouTube but here are a few videos of just the Race Queen Grand Prix


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