Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Porsche 911 Black Edition

It's the first of the year and Porsche has already tossed out another limited edition 911.  Hey hold on don't wonder off thinking you can't get your grubby Porsche loving mitts on this one.  Actually although limited to only 1911 Coupes and Cabriolets world wide this is the cheapest (yeah yeah cheap for a 911) limited edition that you can have.  But you better love black.

That's right Porsche's new limited edition 911 is called The 911 Black Edition and it's only available in black on black on more black with a touch of shiny aluminum-look accents. The exterior is only available in solid black or basalt black metallic. The brake calipers are painted black as well. The rims 19-inch Turbo II's come in a two tone color featuring black highlights. The interior is more black, black gauges black painted console. The interior also gets some spiffy aluminum-look trim pieces to complement the black color scheme.  In addition you also get some door runners in aluminum-look with the Black Edition Script on them.

The 911 Black Edition is based off the standard Carrera 2 coupe and cabriolet but gets some upgrades in standard options but what is really good about the 911 Black Edition is that when you add some of the goodies you can get the 911 Black Edition for about $8K less than a comparably equipped Carrera 2 and you get a 911 badge instead of a Carrera 2 badge, that is worth it in my opinion.  Other than that the two cars have the same exact specs.  The base price for the 911 Black Edition Coupe is $82K add PDk and its $86K  The cabriolet of course goes for more but I don't care about those.  I just want the coupe.  

Porsche just recently released their microsite for the 911 Black Edition today and offers a fun little photoshot option which is where I got the picture for this blog post.  If you don't like Black and White Pictures though you can go read Porsche's official Press Release regarding the 911 Black Edition which includes more detail as well as color pictures of the car.

Porsche's Official 911 Black Edition video

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