Monday, January 17, 2011

RQ Team: Everyone else part 2

Last week I was trying to get all the last minute Race Queen Teams in and I realized I should probably also feature the two singing and dancing groups.  The ladies who provide entertainment during the race weekends.  There is two groups. There is the 2010 AUTOBACS SUPER GT IMAGE GIRLS G☆RACE and the SUPER GIRLS 2010 JUICY. Both of these groups include four ladies each for a total of eight lovely ladies to feature today.

The team for the "Image Girls" are Eri Yoshida (吉田愛璃), Mai Takanashi (高梨麻衣), Nitta Kozue (新田梢恵) and Mai Yamazaki (山崎麻衣).  These ladies can be found wearing a variety of outfits as they entertain those amassed at the Super GT Races.  The team for the "Juicy Girls" are Reina Fuchiwaki (渕脇レイナ), Yuko Momokawa (桃川祐子), Arisa Kimura (木村亜梨沙) and Akari Arimura (有村亜加里) and you can also find them sporting a number of outfits as well when they are up on stage singing to the crowds. I know that the "Image Girls are all former Race Queens from the previous year but I'm not sure how the "Juicy Girls" are selected. But hey we are here to check out some lovely ladies in their pictures and videos.

That means we need to check to see if they have done any pro-work and with eight ladies available sure enough Nitta Kozue has a set for RaceQueenClub while Yuko MomoKawa has several sets out there including a complete set for RQ-Star, Maidqueenz and TopQueen.  Arisa Kimura also has a complete set for RQ-star as well.  Not to bad actually but lets go see what we can find for regular event pictures.

Kurumaerabi -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4 and RQ5
Motor & COS -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5, RQ6, RQ7, RQ8, RQ9, RQ10, RQ11 and RQ12
Random Blogs -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5, RQ6, RQ7,
Some Dude's Blog -- RQ1
Another Dude's Blog -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3 and RQ4
Power of Seven Blog -- RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3
That Dude's Blog -- RQ1
Yet Another Dude's Blog -- RQ1 and RQ2
Lapin Mechant Blog -- RQ1
Peach Body Blog -- RQ1
Some Other Dude's Blog -- RQ1
Fuma Blog -- RQ1

And that's it for the pictures.  Now for some videos

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