Sunday, January 2, 2011

RQ Team: Keitai Honpo Race Queens

This is the last official Race Queen Team feature.  Next week I'll round up the Track Queens and a couple straglers that never really got much attention during the year.  For this week though I'll be taking a look at the Keitai Honpo Race Queen Team.  This was a team that appeared late in the year as part of the GT 300 Team Taisan who also have the Cinecitta Taisan Ladies as well.  The Keitai Honpo Race Queens showed up for the last couple of the races and we already know how Team Taisan ended out the season so I'll just get going on that Race Queens.

The Keitai Honpo Race Queen team is a two member team of Miyuki Koizumi (小泉みゆき) and Motizuki Yukari (望月ゆかり) and their Race Queen outfit is a white miniskirt and halter top number with lacy trim a blue ties up the side of the skirt and front of the halter top with a blue cover over the cleavage adorned with the Keitai Honpo logo.  The ladies also were a white and red choker and thigh high leggings.  It's a cute little outfit and it's to bad they were only there for a few of the races.

I've looked to see if the ladies have done any pro-race queen stuff and Miyuki has done photosets for RQ-Star and Race Queen Club but I didn't find any thing for Yukari at least for now.  So with that taken care of lets find some of their Race Queen Pictures that are out there.

Kurumaerabi -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4. RQ5. RQ6. RQ7. RQ8, RQ9 and RQ10
Car @nifty -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4 and RQ5
Random Blogs -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5, RQ6, RQ7 and RQ8
Motor &COS -- RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3
Random Dude's Blog -- RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3
Another Dude's Blog -- RQ1
PONPON Blog -- RQ1
Another Dude's Blog -- RQ1

I found one video with the Keitai Honpo Race Queens and you can find the lades at 7:39

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