Tuesday, January 18, 2011

RWB New Year Meeting

Last week my jaw dropped when I happened upon an interesting article on Speedhunters.  I wasn't expecting a new Rauh Welt article from them in a while but sure enough there it was in glorious camoed color scheme a new Rauh Welt Begriff article about their New Year Meeting.  Then I found another article.  YES!  Thus began a week long search on the internet for more pictures and videos.
Sadly I haven't really been able to dig up much so far other than a few little itty bitty blog posts which don't have any pictures other than really tiny pictures. I did recently find a couple new articles just the other day though and I'll keep looking for more but for now I'll have to leave you with the few links that I did find and my impressions of what I've seen after all I don't like just cutting and pasting other people's blog links that's just lame and easy.

Since we started with the Speedhunters' link of the first meetup at Moriya Park where Dino was able to grab several great snaps of the latest and greatest of Rauh Welt Begriff built cars like the one car that I've been dieing to see in bigger pictures the White and Red RS widebody car that I was following on RWB's blog while it was being built.  It looks awesome and I really want some larger images of that car.  Not only did we get a look at that lovely example but we also got a nice look at Nakai-sans new personal car the Silver 993 SUPER widebody nicknamed Royal Montegobay.  A look at the ass end of that car and you can see that it is the perhaps the widest rear end that you have ever seen.

I just wish someone was there with enough balls to post up some awesome jaw dropping HQ images on the net but anyways that meetup was only a place to gather before the major gathering at the Tsukuba Circuit for the running of the RWB's as they had the track to themselves for the day.  And again Speedhunters' was there to catch the action.  There were even some additional cars that hadn't met up at the earlier meetup as well.

As this was a pretty close net group of motorheads it was a quick drivers meeting followed by run after run of quick widebodied 911s running around Tsukuba Circuit.  I really enjoyed Speedhunters' look at the event.

After I drolled like a schoolboy after finding his first porno I dug around the internet using my best cut and paste Japanese and found a few of the people who went there but I found diddly piss for other pictures.  Than the other day doing my internet blog roll I found that Noriyaro was at the Tsukuba Circuit as well taking pictures.  He ended up with three posts about the event.  The first post I saw was another little write up about Nakai-san that he had written a while ago but since it included pictures from this event I thought it was relevent.  His other two posts were just about the cars.  You can find both of them HERE and HERE.  So I did find some pictures but nothing at all in the jaw dropping great HQ sizes that I would like.  I can only hope that both of those sites will find it in their hearts to give us some wallpapers of a few of those awesome images. In the mean time though I'm going to keep my eye out for some other images as well.

I also looked for videos as well and I did find two in car videos of the cars hitting the track.  Enjoy them.

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