Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RAUH-Welt is Social!

When RAUH-Welt first rolled out their new US website they had links up at the top that were supposed to go to twitter, Facebook and Nakai-san blog.  The only thing was that other than the blog link none of the other links  worked.  Well today I was visiting the site again and noticed not one Facebook icon but two and that got me thinking.  So I clicked on them.  And they worked.  Both of them as well as the twitter link.  HOLY MOLLY RAUH-Welt is SOCIAL now.  FYI the links section works too now.

The interesting thing is that one of the Facebook links goes to a RWB group that was started by someone not working for them.  That's not a bad thing actually, that's just a "dammit why didn't I think of that" thing.  Needless to say I joined that group as well as the official RWB Facebook page.  I'm restricting myself from wanting to bombard them with the million and one questions that I have, or to post whore my blog out either.

There is also the twitter feed but since I couldn't care less about twitter (although this almost gets me interested in joining) I'm not following it but if you don't want to get neck craps reading Nakai-san's blog both the Facebook page and twitter have the same pictures just not at crazy angles.

I'm just thinking that maybe I should really get cracking on one of my ideas and get a RWBooru set up so that people can share pictures of RAUH-Welt cars.  The only problem is that I don't have the financial of tech savy to develop one and the free ones are all mostly setup for anime related pictures.  That way I wont have another "dammit why didn't I think of that" moment.  OK I did it... RWBooru!

This video is from one of the Maybe RWB Porsches out there.  He recently removed the window decal and put on some Rabbit Corporation (another Japanese P-Tuner) decals.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

RWB Featured in Excellence

Another American Magazine feature for the alway cool RAUH-Welt Begriff.  In the April 2011 (issue 190) Excellence magazine RAUH-Welt Begriff gets a 5 page spread.  That in my opinion is awesome and I picked up my issue last week.  The only problem I had with it is that for me a rabid fan of all things RWB it was all old news.

A large part of why it was all old news to me is that the article was written by Dino Dalle Carbonare of Speedhunters fame.  The majority of the RWB articles written on Speedhunters are by Dino and if you've read his articles there you've pretty much read the article in Excellence so I was a little bit disappointed in that aspect but like I said I'm a rabid fan so I already new all this.  For people who are new to RAUH-Welt Begriff so in that aspect it was a great article.  And gives a lot of information (albeit rather old and outdated) to hopefully new fanboys.

The splash page for the article is the always awesome rear end pictures of Stella Artois sporting her triple exhaust outlets and missing rear bumper.  It best illustrates just what RWB is all about.  The none conformist rough look that Nakai-san is so known for.  The rest of the pictures are ones that have been on Speedhunters before but with a few new office pictures tossed in there as well.

Overall I'd have to give this article a B for effort but damn it's old news.  But, I will give Excellence an A for the much better quality pictures and print than Eurotuner and to actually feature the cars in an actual Porsche magazine for a change.  I just wish they would have included some links to check out more information on RWB as well.  Speaking of links you can actually check out the article online at Excellence's (even has added content as well -- HERE) website if you want to check it out, however I'd suggest purchasing the issue and telling Excellence that it was cool to feature RAUH-Welt Begriff in their magazine. That way maybe we'll see some more.

On a side note while searching for more RWB stuff I found this internet link --Tokyo Drive Magazine -- that mentions that there is a possiblity of RAUH-Welt Begriff being featured in another American magazine called Heavy Hitters.  And while I loath that magazine if they do feature an article on RWB you better believe I'll try to track down an issue and get it as well.

I'd also like to leave you today with great little video that I found this morning.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time....

Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 HKS Premium Day

So a while ago in Japan HKS had their annual Premium Day which is always interesting in that a whole host of tuned cars show up and show off for the crowds.  This year's event was no exception.  The good thing about the HKS Premium Day happening January is that in Japan you typically get some really nice weather.  It may be cold (great for Turbos!) but it makes for a great track day at the Fuji Speedway.
Of course I didn't go and can only take a look at what other people have posted up on the internet and the usual car blogs that I follow and since I was really getting into finding RWB stuff on MinKara I started doing searches for other stuff as well and found some great stuff from the HKS Premium Days on MinKara.  While I was looking through pictures I noticed that a lot of cars that were at the Tokyo Auto Salon as well so those who wanted to get better looks at some of those cars could.  Also this made up for the lack of Performance oriented cars at TAS this year.

So yeah enjoy the links and the cool assortment of Japanese street machines running out at the FSW.  Definitely would like to check it out in person some day as well.

Speedhunters Coverage
Auto and Graphic
Japanese Blog
Japanese Blog
We Love Motorsports
Japanese Blog
Garage Mak
GT Net
Japanese Blog
Japanese Blog
Japanese Blog
Japanese Blog
Japanese Blog
Japanese Blog
Japanese Blog
Japanese blog

Now lets check out some videos.  I guess the good thing about being late to the game is I can share some good videos that have been posted well after the event.

Check out the rest of the videos available on YouTube

Saturday, February 12, 2011

RAUH-Welt Begriff Owners Group

For many Exotic and  classic cars there is a registry for the cars that details the history of each car and while RAUH-Welt Begriff doesn't exactly have some thing like that this will be my attempt to collect as many blogs and YouTube channels of RWB owners out there.  I know I probably wont get them all as there are literally hundreds of Porsche cars that have been tuned by Nakai-san.

I started thinking about this project a couple weeks ago after I started finding some of the blogs by chance. Since then my bookmark folder has been growing with more links to RWB and other Japanese Porsche blogs.

I can guarantee one thing and one thing only about this post.  This will be an every changing and evolving list.  If you have any information to add feel free to send me messages and I'll be sure to update the post.

Currently Known but no known websites for --
Natty Dread -- Model: RWB993 - Body color: Matte Black - Rim Color: Gold
Penthouse (AKA [Front Row) --  Model: RWB964 - Body Color: Matte Green - Rim Color: bronze  
Master Piece -- Model: RWB930 - Body Color: Matte Camo - Rim color: gunmetal gray
Bordeaux -- Model: RWB993T - Body Color: Matte Purple - Rim Color:
Eyre Peninsula (Sunburst?) -- Model: RWB964 - Body Color: Orange - Rim Color
West Holly Wood  -- Model: RWB930  - Body Color: black with red accents.  Special Note: This is one of two "West Holly Wood" cars.
Kingfisher -- Model: RWB930 - Body Color: Red - Rim Color:
BBT Key Largo -- Model: RWB964 - Body Color: Red - Rim Color: Red
Tully's 1 -- Model: RWB964 - Body Color: light beige - Rim Color: - Notes: Tully's sun visor graphic, also for sale.
Tully's 2 -- Model: RWB911 - Body Color: dark beige - Rim Color: - Notes: Second Tully's car
Amazonian -- Model: RWB993R - Body Color: desert tan -  Secondary Color: Red - Rim Color: gunmetal gray - Notes: Idlers 12hr enduro car
Afromania -- Model: RWB993R - Body Color: military brown - Secondary Color: Gold - Notes: Idlers 12hr enduro car

Currently Known and with websites for --
Stella Artois -- Model: RWB930 - Body Color: Matte Black - Rim Color: Gold
Royal Montegobay -- Model: RWB993R - Body Color: Silver - Rim Color: Black
RAUH-Welt Begriff -- Official website
RWB Blog great place to find works in progress
RAUH-Welt Begriff USA
RWB Facebook
RWB Twitter

Deen-Plo -- Model: RWB964 - Body Color: Matte Black - Rim Color: bronze - Notes: it's for sale
RAUH-Welt Kansai -- This is where you can occasionally find some used RWB cars for sale
RWK Blog
YouTube Channel
DP Challenge Blog -- I think this is part of the same group.

Rough Rhythm -- Model: RWB993R - Body Color: Signal Green - Rim Color: Black
Secondary car -- Model: RWB964 - Body Color: Signal Green/Black RWB Stripes - Rim Color: gold - Notes: It's for sale
Mr. Ichiraku's Blog -- International Director
YouTube Channel
Second Blog -- rather dead
He also owns a Black w/ gold rims BMW 318is (it's for sale!) and used to (I think he sold it to get the BMW) own a Red VW Lupo w/ Black rims both done up RWB style

Obabone -- Model: RWB993R - Body Color: Matte Black(lilac?) - Rim Color: gunmetal gray
Obana's Blog

Yoko's -- Model: RWB996 - Body Color: Silver/Pink RWB Stripes - Rim Color: Silver
YKBO Blog -- Only female owner that I'm aware of.
YKBO Blog -- Her other blog before getting pinked.
YKBO Facebook -- add her to your friend's list
YouTube Channel

UZI -- Model: RWB930 - Body Color: Matte Black/Silver UZI logo - Rim Color:
Secondary car - Model: RWB964 Cabriolet - Body Color: Matte Black - Rim Color: gray
UZI Company -- A parts company that also sells Idlers Game DVDs, or used to.
UZI Blog --   -- kinda dead

Narrow 911 -- Model: RWB993 - Body Color: White/Black - Rim Color: Notes:  ACCS Racing Project
Narrow 911 Blog

Blossom Joker -- Model: RWB964 - Body Color: Matte Pink/purple - Rim Color:
Junk Story Blog

Tommy -- Model: RWB993GT - Body Color: Light Blue - Rim Color: light blue
Minerva Motorsport
Minerva 911 Blog

Keke -- Model: RWB930 - Body Color: Blue - Rim Color: - Notes: Ducktail/GT&banana wing
Keke Hayato Blog -- ducktail
New blog -- GT/banana wing

RWB Gifu -- Model: RWB964 - Body Color: Teal - Rim Color:
RWB Gifu Blog

Saint Lawrence -- Model: RWB964 - Body Color: Red - Rim Color: Dark Bronze
Saint Lawrence Blog

Good Hills Speed -- Model: RWB964RS - Body Color: Red - Rim Color/Type: Gold SSR SP1
Good Hills Speed Twitter
Good Hills Speed Facebook

West Holly Wood 2 -- Model: RWB930GT - Body Color: Silver/Black stripes - Rim Color: - Notes: Second "West Holly Wood" car.
RWB 930GT Blog

Hiro 964 -- Model: RWB964 - Body Color: Signal Orange/Black RWB Stripes - Rim Color:
Hiro 964 Blog

KDP RS -- Model: RWB964RS - Body Color: Red - Rim Color: Black
Boxster40's Channel

Ky Hase -- Model: RWB930 - Body Color: Red - Rim Color: - Notes: Body features lots of cutouts
Ky Hase website
Ky Hase's Channel

Blue Point -- Model: RWB996GT3 - Body Color: White - Rim Color: Gold
Secondary car -- Model: RWB930 - Body Color: Orange - Rim Color:
Blue Point Blog

DORF -- Model: RWB930 - Body Color: Black - Rim Color: Silver - Notes: Yellow headlight covers
DORF blog

Model: RWB930 Turbo - Body Color: Black - Rim Color: Black Fikse - Notes: removed RAUH-Welt sun visor vinyl
Yahoo! blog
Minkara blog

GYK -- Model: RWB964 Turbo - Body Color: Green - Rim Color: Silver - Notes: removed RAUH-Welt sun visor vinyl
Green 911 Turbo

Neun-Elf -- Model: RWB930RUF - Body Color: Yellow with Gold? racing strip - Rim Color:

Akagishatai -- Model: RWB964 - Body Color: White - Rim Color: - Notes: Car features paw prints on the rear bumper and several on the bonnet.  Also features webaddress on side of car.

Non Porsche cars --
Model: Nissan Silvia S15 - Body Color: Matte Black - Rim Color: gun metal
Silvia Blog

Real of the World -- Model: Toyota AE86 - Body Color: Matte Black - Rim Color: Gold
Real of the World Blog
Nojima's Facebook page

Extra YouTube Channels
911 Turbo Cabriolet
Chonmage 911
Naoryouhika's Channel
Ysman1999 Channel

Friday, February 11, 2011

Porsche's Facebook 911 GT3 R Hybrid

I subscribe to Porsche's Facebook page but thanks to crappy ass Facebook updates I never even saw anything about this until the video was posted on Porsche's YouTube channel and I thought that was cool.  Until I went to the website to look for my name and I found out that to get on the car you had to apply for it.

That sucked because I never saw an update from Porsche about it on Facebook so I totally missed out on getting to be one of the lucky 27,000 signatures that made it onto the car.  The Car in question is their famous 911 GT3 R Hybrid which will be showing off the Thank you -- A 1,000,000 times Skin at the Porsche Museum from February 11th until I'm not sure when.  If you were one of the lucky 27,000 people you can visit Porsche's new microsite and look up your name.

Check out the video of the car getting the new skin wrap.

Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 Super GT Updates

It seems like the 2011 Super GT news announcement are now coming fast and furious with some interesting stuff  being announced and in my opinion not so interesting stuff announced.  I'll be honest I don't like that Good Smile Racing is going back to the BMW Z4 instead of keeping with the Porsche 911.  I do wish them the best and will definitely support them just not as much as if they had kept the Porsche.  So Hankook and Zent (GT300) you definitely got a new fanboy if you keep the Porsches in 2011.

Of course that's not the only news coming out about Team Good Smile Racing.  The trio of Race Queens from last year will be back again with I'm thinking a new look as there is a new Racing Miku as well.  They showed the old Z4 Race car at Wonderfest not to long ago so I'm thinking that will be getting an updated look as well.  I'll have to translate the news sources and see.  Not only are the Race Queens coming back but one of  the drivers is coming back as well.  And they are adding a new experienced former GT500 driver.  This year Good Smile Racing is teamed up with TeamUKYO who were the former team management for the now retired M7 Mutiara Motors RX7.  So they may just be in capable hands to get closer to the podium in 2011.  Source -- Auto Sport, Racing Miku News and Response Racing Miku

Remember how in the JAF race the former EVA themed Corolla was stripped of it's Anime Themed skin and given a bar CF look?  Well that anime theme and Race Queens have jumped ship and arrived at the Apple K-one Shiden pit to transform the modified Daytona Prototype car into another EVA Anime Themed race car.  Source -- Auto SportApple Shiden and Eva and Response Eva

Earlier 7Tune released a blog mentioning that Jim Gainer Racing will be fielding the new F458GTC Ferrari as well as another F430 too.

If your like me you've been wondering when the old and busted Lexus SC430 will be retired and replaced by the LFA.  Well it wont be this year.  Zero To Hundred had an article not to long ago about the Super GT teams testing in Maylasia during the break and mentioned that the SC430 still has another year to go and that there will be NO LFA in Super GT at least not until 2012.  Source -- Zero To Hundred Forum

Of course even more news has been popping up on the official Super GT site including information about the Honda Teams returning this year but still no news yet on that mysterious GT300 Honda CR-Z.  Source -- Official Super GT

What's even better than the car news is the Race Queen news.  During the Tokyo Auto Saloon not only did Raybrig announce their team (same as last year) but they also announced the new Race Queens for 2011 and you can meet them here -- Raybrig Race Queens

Even better though is the announcement of the Dechau Girls and their new uniforms that I'm sure we'll see a lot of in the upcoming race season.  You can check out their blog and website here -- Dechau Girls Race Queen Blog and Dechaugirls

Last but not least and I'm sure I'll have more news about the upcoming Super GT Race Season and the Race Queens I just wanted to leave you with this one blog post about the Race Queen auditions for one of the teams.  Lots of lovely ladies but who made the cut.  Race Queen Auditions

And to not leave you without something nice to look at here are the Dechau Girls in their new uniforms

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RAUH-Welt Begriff USA

Finally after so many years there is an official English RWB site and I got scooped by Jon Sibal because I haven't checked the RWB site in a week or so. However, never mind that now. The important part is that all of us RWB fanboys have another site to droll over now and it's in Engrish.  The site is headed up by RWB's international relations guro Mr. Ichiraku and gives the many American RWB Fanboy's an opportunity to know more about the company on the heels of more American press exposure.

At the moment there really isn't all that much to the site.  There is the general Company BIO, address and contact info.  Than you have a picture gallery of some of the events (with tragically small images).  But most importantly, something a lot of us fanboys have been interested in seeing I'm sure.  A real price list for the modifications.  That's right, minus the donor car, engine work and shipping you can now price out your own RWB dream car.  There is of course also the matter of the color and name of the car which I believe is still decided by Nakai-San himself.  I'm not sure but I also don't think it includes labor costs either.  I'd say a good conservative estimate for the total work would be $29k with all the fun options and whatnot.  Then if you buy one of the for sale cars at Promodet like the 87 Carrera (not sure if the 92 can be imported) for $22k you're only in the whole some $51K before shipping for an awesome importable one off RWB Porsche.

Since Jon beat me to the punch there isn't any need to go into details about the pricing of the different models that you can get.  Although I'm not seeing a Widebody RS model (honestly one of my favorites) I'm thinking that would be a base price widebody kit plus a Ducktail rear spoiler instead of the GT2 and Banana Spoilers.  And because I have all this space to play with how about some other cool RWB news and stuff.

I'm on a never ending quest to find more and more RWB pictures, videos and whatever else I can find I've been able to find out that the April issue of Excellence will feature an article on Rauh Welt Begriff, which looks to be a bit dated (old Speedhunters pictures) but I'm still picking it up to support the cause.  More press is good press.  I've also been able to track down a few more RWB owner blogs along the way as well. More on that later.  And this week Speedhunters has also given us another look at Nakai-San's latest 993R Widebody project as well.  The last thing I have is that a Facebook friend, who is a mechanic in Miami FL, told me that there is a RWB Porsche in Miami for sale.  I'm trying to get more details about it but it may be just a fake, but you never know.    I do know that someone on one of the popular Porsche Forums was trying to make knock off RWB window banners a while ago so that's what it could be in all likely hood.

If you missed it earlier here is video of the new 993R Royal Montegobay.
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