Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 Super GT Updates

It seems like the 2011 Super GT news announcement are now coming fast and furious with some interesting stuff  being announced and in my opinion not so interesting stuff announced.  I'll be honest I don't like that Good Smile Racing is going back to the BMW Z4 instead of keeping with the Porsche 911.  I do wish them the best and will definitely support them just not as much as if they had kept the Porsche.  So Hankook and Zent (GT300) you definitely got a new fanboy if you keep the Porsches in 2011.

Of course that's not the only news coming out about Team Good Smile Racing.  The trio of Race Queens from last year will be back again with I'm thinking a new look as there is a new Racing Miku as well.  They showed the old Z4 Race car at Wonderfest not to long ago so I'm thinking that will be getting an updated look as well.  I'll have to translate the news sources and see.  Not only are the Race Queens coming back but one of  the drivers is coming back as well.  And they are adding a new experienced former GT500 driver.  This year Good Smile Racing is teamed up with TeamUKYO who were the former team management for the now retired M7 Mutiara Motors RX7.  So they may just be in capable hands to get closer to the podium in 2011.  Source -- Auto Sport, Racing Miku News and Response Racing Miku

Remember how in the JAF race the former EVA themed Corolla was stripped of it's Anime Themed skin and given a bar CF look?  Well that anime theme and Race Queens have jumped ship and arrived at the Apple K-one Shiden pit to transform the modified Daytona Prototype car into another EVA Anime Themed race car.  Source -- Auto SportApple Shiden and Eva and Response Eva

Earlier 7Tune released a blog mentioning that Jim Gainer Racing will be fielding the new F458GTC Ferrari as well as another F430 too.

If your like me you've been wondering when the old and busted Lexus SC430 will be retired and replaced by the LFA.  Well it wont be this year.  Zero To Hundred had an article not to long ago about the Super GT teams testing in Maylasia during the break and mentioned that the SC430 still has another year to go and that there will be NO LFA in Super GT at least not until 2012.  Source -- Zero To Hundred Forum

Of course even more news has been popping up on the official Super GT site including information about the Honda Teams returning this year but still no news yet on that mysterious GT300 Honda CR-Z.  Source -- Official Super GT

What's even better than the car news is the Race Queen news.  During the Tokyo Auto Saloon not only did Raybrig announce their team (same as last year) but they also announced the new Race Queens for 2011 and you can meet them here -- Raybrig Race Queens

Even better though is the announcement of the Dechau Girls and their new uniforms that I'm sure we'll see a lot of in the upcoming race season.  You can check out their blog and website here -- Dechau Girls Race Queen Blog and Dechaugirls

Last but not least and I'm sure I'll have more news about the upcoming Super GT Race Season and the Race Queens I just wanted to leave you with this one blog post about the Race Queen auditions for one of the teams.  Lots of lovely ladies but who made the cut.  Race Queen Auditions

And to not leave you without something nice to look at here are the Dechau Girls in their new uniforms

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