Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RAUH-Welt Begriff USA

Finally after so many years there is an official English RWB site and I got scooped by Jon Sibal because I haven't checked the RWB site in a week or so. However, never mind that now. The important part is that all of us RWB fanboys have another site to droll over now and it's in Engrish.  The site is headed up by RWB's international relations guro Mr. Ichiraku and gives the many American RWB Fanboy's an opportunity to know more about the company on the heels of more American press exposure.

At the moment there really isn't all that much to the site.  There is the general Company BIO, address and contact info.  Than you have a picture gallery of some of the events (with tragically small images).  But most importantly, something a lot of us fanboys have been interested in seeing I'm sure.  A real price list for the modifications.  That's right, minus the donor car, engine work and shipping you can now price out your own RWB dream car.  There is of course also the matter of the color and name of the car which I believe is still decided by Nakai-San himself.  I'm not sure but I also don't think it includes labor costs either.  I'd say a good conservative estimate for the total work would be $29k with all the fun options and whatnot.  Then if you buy one of the for sale cars at Promodet like the 87 Carrera (not sure if the 92 can be imported) for $22k you're only in the whole some $51K before shipping for an awesome importable one off RWB Porsche.

Since Jon beat me to the punch there isn't any need to go into details about the pricing of the different models that you can get.  Although I'm not seeing a Widebody RS model (honestly one of my favorites) I'm thinking that would be a base price widebody kit plus a Ducktail rear spoiler instead of the GT2 and Banana Spoilers.  And because I have all this space to play with how about some other cool RWB news and stuff.

I'm on a never ending quest to find more and more RWB pictures, videos and whatever else I can find I've been able to find out that the April issue of Excellence will feature an article on Rauh Welt Begriff, which looks to be a bit dated (old Speedhunters pictures) but I'm still picking it up to support the cause.  More press is good press.  I've also been able to track down a few more RWB owner blogs along the way as well. More on that later.  And this week Speedhunters has also given us another look at Nakai-San's latest 993R Widebody project as well.  The last thing I have is that a Facebook friend, who is a mechanic in Miami FL, told me that there is a RWB Porsche in Miami for sale.  I'm trying to get more details about it but it may be just a fake, but you never know.    I do know that someone on one of the popular Porsche Forums was trying to make knock off RWB window banners a while ago so that's what it could be in all likely hood.

If you missed it earlier here is video of the new 993R Royal Montegobay.

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