Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Autocross -- Mar 27,2011

It is time to dust off the racing outfit, finish up the last minute winter car projects, charge the batteries for the cameras and get ready for the start of the autocross racing season.  Are you ready?  I'm ready to brush off this cabin fever and get behind the lens to shoot some more autocross action.  This last weekend was the first Autocross event for the Snake River Region SCCA group and I was there on Sunday to take pictures and shoot video.

The actual start of the season was on Saturday but thanks to my work schedule and prior commitements I'm unable to make any Saturday events until I take vacation time for the Haily Airport event later in the year.  And from I heard thanks to Mother Nature throwing a huge fit (storm) Saturday was not a good day for autocross thanks in large part to a very wet $2 electical part for timing.  Saturday sounded like it was a very long day for everyone involved.  Thankfully Sunday looked like it was going to be a better day.  While every one else was there to drive I was there to take pictures and shot video and I did just that.  In fact here are the links to them so you don't have to read this entire blog post if you don't want to.

Mazda MiataPicture Set on Flickr -- AutoX -- 03272011
Videos on YouTube -- Greg's Channel
Official Results from Saturday and Sunday --
SRRSCCA Event Results

Now with that out of the way here's how Sunday went down from my perspective.  While the weather wasn't nearly as bad it was still a serious pain, as the weather couldn't decide on whether or not it wanted to rain, blow like crazy or shine. All it really knew was that it wanted to be cold.  And somehow during all that I still managed to get sunburned.  The joys of being a ginger kid.  The frozen fingers I could do without though.  But it was one sunburn that was worth getting.

And that was because I was in car heaven as there was no shortage of Porsche 911 cars out in attendence.  All they needed was a 997 and 964 to complete the model line up.  Obiviously my favorite was the late '70s Fly Yellow 911 Turbo model that showed up packing some 600hp.  Hopefully he really enjoyed himself and he'll make it out to more events during the year.  There was also a plain jane 993 and a couple 996 models.  The white 996 is a regular and like I said about the Turbo, hopefully the rest will be back later.  Now if I could just convense them all to get some aerokits and big spoilers...hmmm

BMW 325ETiming was still having issues with an error but they were able to work around it to help keep things moving along smoothly, even if it did give a few people some extra untimed runs during the day.  But I'm sure the driveres were more mad at mother nature for the constantly changing weather. 

Unless of  course you were my poor roommate who so far this year just can't catch a break with his car.  Right before his first run the cooling system decided to go tits up and dump his coolent all over the place.  This of course after he found out, after replacing the transmission destroyed by Dennis Dillion, that the latest transmission also had two shot gears as well.  This time 3rd was trashed and 4th was just gone. Atleast he got some runs in on Saturday but it looks like the RX8 will be out for a few more events this year as well. 

The first event of the season is always an interesting time as it usually brings out new drivers with new cars and also returning drivers with either new cars or the same car from last year but with new upgrades.  There were plenty of both on Sunday.  Actually I was suprised with just how many cars did show up on a crappy day for racing.  Maybe everyone just wanted to show off and shake off the cabin fever. 

Honda S2000Usually it's also a time for me to show off some new camera gear that I've picked up over the winter break. However, this year due to buying my own little project car I had to forgo any new camera gear and maybe I should have thought about that a bit more as my now 15 year-old tripod from Wally World is showing it's age more and more.   My Tein umbrella is also showing it's age as well but thankfully is still holding up really well for the abuse that it's gone though in the last couple years.  That and those Chinese cheap camera batteries are not holding up all that well either.  The later pretty much means for the evening run groups I can only film what I really want to.  I'll be working to sort out those issues as well as helping the roommate sort out his problems with the RX8 too.  Maybe we can get him back racing in two lor three racing events so he doesn't miss much more of the autocross season like he did last year. 

Some videos from the event.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Engineered for Magic Everyday

It looks like Porsche has been busy of lately.  Rumors of a smaller version of the Panamerica and Cayenne.  Rolling out an Exclusive "918 Special Edition" 911 Turbo for people who buy the 918.  Updating the 911 GT3R Hybrid as well as the new 911 Cup Cars. Not to mention the winter testing of the 911 updated car that should be released I believe next year.  But what really struck me this week were the handful of video shorts (Teasers if you will) that popped up on YouTube this week.

I have to admit those videos are pretty cool because it takes the varies sporty models of Porsches and firmly places them in the day to day roles of the average car.  And if you read the comments on some of the videos much to cringing of some people.  I think it's cool though because truely a Porsche 911 is just a car.  Of course they didn't just make the videos for fun there is a reason for them and that is to get the word out that Porsche is looking for people to share their videos and stories from owners making the mundane magical in their Porsche.  You can visit that new site here --  Porsche Every Day  The videos are really short and sweet and here they are...

Getaway car -- 911 GTS

School Bus -- 911 Turbo

Snowmobile -- 911 C4 (would be my guess.)

Pet Carrier -- Boxster

Pickup Truck -- Cayman

Now about that new Porsche 911 Turbo S Edition 918 Spyder. Well for those lucky few people who are shelling out close to $900K for the now officially on sale 918 Hybrid they can also pick up a new 911 Turbo S that comes with some new bits and bobbles to match the 918 Hybrid. Can have either a coupe or cabriolet and it comes with special decals, custom colors and a matching numbered plaque. It's an interesting marketing ploy I'm sure and I'm sure they'll sell every one of them but I had to laugh at the whole idea myself. You can read all about it here -- Autoblog.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2011 Super GT RD1 Okayama POSTPONED

Just read the latest on the 2011 Super GT happenings and it has been announced today that the first round of  the Super GT race season, to be held at Okayama on the first weekend of April, has been postponed (thankfully at the moment not canceled) due to the recent disasters that have hit Japan.  I have to give them some much needed respect also for announcing that they are dedicating the entire race season to the "Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Relief Event" to provide support to the affected areas and sufferers of the disaster.

Here is what they had to say --
GTA has decided to postpone the event with consideration for the effect caused by the northern Japan great earthquake. Alternative schedule to be announced later.
In view of the effects caused by the earthquake that hit northern Japan, the GTA Co.,Ltd (Representative Director: Masaaki Bandoh) has made the decision to postponed the 2011 SUPER GT Round 1 "Okayama GT300km Race" originally scheduled for April 2nd to 3rd. The company is currently exploring the alternative dates and will announce them once finalized. In addition, preparations for the Round 2 "Fuji GT400km Race" (scheduled for April 30th to May 1st) and other events beyond are proceeding as planned, however, decisions on the event schedules will be made in accordance with the developments in situation.

That means at this time the first round of the Super Gt season will now be in 52 days at Fuji Speedway. And after looking at the schedule it's going to be interesting to see where they will be able to fit in the Okayama race, my guess would be after Sepang.

Here is the director of Super GT with his comments on the announcement --
I pray sincerely for the victims who lost their lives in the earthquake. My thoughts are with those who suffered from the disaster and their families, and I would like to extend my hope for quick recovery.
I am personally in a great shock to hear through the media that Tohoku and Kanto regions are suffering significantly from this massive quake. I would like to express deepest respect once again to the people who are giving full support to rescue survivors as well as for recovery in spite of the unpredictable situation at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.
As a consequence of the meeting held today among the stakeholders of SUPER GT, GTA has decided to postpone this year's opening round at Okayama in consideration of the serious damages caused by the quake affecting vast areas and the current social condition.
I would like to apologize to the fans across the country who had been waiting for the SUPER GT series to start as well as people who were planning to come to Okayama, and I also would like to ask for kind understanding of the situation.
Furthermore, I am fully committed to continue the discussion and take action on what SUPER GT and the motorsports industry as a whole can do to maximize our support.
As a first step, we have decided to dedicate all events of this season as "Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Relief Event" to provide support to the affected areas and sufferers of the disaster.

Here is the link to the official press release -- Super GT

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project Jetta

Welcome to my new project.  I finally got back into the VAG of things by recently purchasing a 1989 Volkswagen Jetta GL.  I loved my 1980 Jetta Coupe but when it went tits up I sold it and got some run of the mill Lumina to get me around.  And I hated that decision ever since than.  Well low and behold the Lumina has gotten to the point where fixing it is a normally occurring event.  As I'd rather fix up something I like I decided to buy another Jetta and fix it up instead.  After a bit of searching and waiting for that right one to show up I settled on a white 89 Jetta GL. 

Of course since the Jetta is a 22 year old car there are some issues.  But I knew I'd be getting something like that with the money that I was looking to spend and I've started making a list of items that I need to update and replace.  Not all of them all immediate needs and some are just cosmetic or vanity items.

After purchasing the car it did take a while to get the car home.  First of all the free battery that should have been able to get the car home was dead so I had to pick up another one.  The car only had one key so the door locks had to be re-keyed.  But after those two issues were resolved I was able to drive the car home and got to really test it out.  The test told me one really needed new suspension asap.  That was the bounciest drive I've ever been on on city streets. After getting it home I took some pictures so I had some before pictures.  I need to take some detail pictures of the stuff that I need to fix though.

Lets Check out the Specs for my 1989 VW Jetta GL
Year: 1989
Type: 4-door Sedan
Engine: 1.8L 8v  (I think)
Transmission: Auto (yeah yeah I know)
Millage:  Hell if I know dash says 82K but I don't trust it.

Here is the current Fix it or replace it list:
Front Windshield replaced
Rearview Mirror
Shift Knob
Negative battery wire
Postive battery terminal
Windshield washer fluid line
Trunk lid hole from CB radio antennae
Refresh Molding/bumpers
Bottom lip replacement
Rear disk brake swap
Front grill and light housing

So that's it for the fist blog post of my Project Jetta tune in next time when I might have some extra cash to fix some stuff.  Here is the link to the flickr set -- 89 Jetta GL

Motorsport Save Japan

No doubt that you've heard about the recent catastrophic disasters that have befallen Japan in the last week.  First a series of Earthquakes including one of the largest on Record followed by devastating tsunamis that washed away cities and thousands of Japanese folks.  Now they are working diligently to save many more lives and more fighting to regain control of the Nuclear facilities that were damaged last week.  Thankfully due to the Japanese culture and way of life many of them are getting right back up and getting right back to work fixing and helping each other out but many still need help. 

I blogged about ways of helping and keeping up to-date on the happenings of the aftermath and even took a bit of time to chastise those idiots among us who though it was appropriate to make fun of the Japanese in the wake of the disaster or those who have sought to tell people that it's revenge for Pearl Harbor or God's wrath.  None of it is and for those who think like that for shame.  But you can read all about that on the other blog.  This post I just wanted to share what the Motorsports community in Japan is doing to help Aid in the disaster relief. 

Recently I found that one of the drivers in Super GT Juichi Wakisaka started up Motorsport Save Japan fund that shares the motorsports community's desire to help raise money to help those in need.  Even though this is a little bit harder to give money to -- You have to send a bank paypal here.  But I wouldn't honestly support this one more than others as the money goes directly to Japan (you can also donate directly to the Japanese Redcross but again it's by bank transfer only) so there is no middle man skimming their percentage.  I'm waiting for the yen/dollar exchange rate to mello out some before I send any money myself (earlier this week it hit an all time low of 70-something to the dollar) 

I found another Japanese based relief fund and that's from Idler's selling the stickers that were meant for the first race of the season but was canceled due to the disasters.  The proceeds from the sticker sales (500 yen) goes to a relief fund but I haven't been able to figure out if overseas folks can contribute yet to that as well.  If I find out that folks can contribute I'll add that link or if I find any other motorsports related relief fund organizations. 

On a side note I know a lot of people are saying no one should donate to help Japan because they are not Haiti, they are a rich country and don't need our help. But hello yeah sure they are not Haiti but that doesn't mean that folks in Japan who don't have anything at all at the moment don't need the extra help as well.  If you don't want to contribute

Monday, March 14, 2011

2011 Miss Roadster Show

On Friday night during the Boise Roadster Show they also hold the Miss Roadster Show a nice little bikini/swimsuit show featuring some lovely ladies of the Treasure Valley.  This year marks my third year of attending the Miss Roadster show and I grabbed my typical spot in the middle of the stands and set about filming the 2011 Miss Roadster Show with my roommate taking up photography duties.

This year's Miss Roadster show saw a smaller turn out than last year with only 12 ladies entered.  It even seemed like the gathered crowd of onlookers was smaller as well.  While the show was smaller I still had a fun time shooting video and it's a great way to help break the winter cabin fever of not filming anything since the last autocross.

Last year was chuck full of ladies who worked at local costumed hotties themed restaurants this year however only one lady worked at Hooters while the rest actually came from a very diverse background of jobs and interests.  You would have thought that the questions they were asked would also be different but I swear they were the same exact questions from last year.  Of the twelve ladies some really caught my eye and of course just like everyone else there were the ones that I really thought....why?  Of those that caught my eye one lady caught my eye just because of the shoes that she wore.  Sophie had some awesome metal spiked high heels but I have to say my favorite lady that I'd have voted for was Jessica.  

You can check out the pictures that my roommate shot on this flickr set -- 2011 Miss Roadster Show
While he was taking pictures I was shooting videos of the ladies and you can find them all here -- 2011 Miss Roadster Show

Here are three videos from the event.  First up are two group videos of all the ladies and the last one is a video of the winners


Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Boise Roadster Show

You know spring and more importantly Motorsports events are right around the corner when its time for the Boise Roadster Show.  This year was the 39th annual Boise Roadster Show held at the Expo Idaho Center and I dragged the roommate along on Friday night so that I could take some pictures of the cars and of course to film the Miss Roadster Show later that night.

We got there around 5:30pm and I got to work taking pictures and I found out that if I was still enough I could get some pretty good pictures without using the flash.  Using the flash actually turned everything really dark and I didn't like it.  Next year maybe I'll bring a monopod.  The only real problem with doing that is that all the pictures looked great on the tiny screen but when I got home it was pretty hit and miss with the pictures being in focus completely or not.  So I never knew until it was way to late if the picture was good or not.  But I did OK on the cars that I did like.  And there were a few stand out cars that I did like this year.  Back for a second time (and for sale too) was the Datsun Ferrari hybrid /kit car but even better was a really nicely done up Volkswagen Bug that you see up there.

2011 Roadster Show

I was really surprised to see that unlike several other years it wasn't a lot of the same old same old.  Sure there was a bunch of stuff that we have seen from other years but there was also a good number of new arrivals as well.  It's always nice to see a few nicely done AC Cobra replicas there.  But this year also had a few new rock crawler type trucks as well.

AC Cobra Replica
2011 Roadster Show

I did notice that it took me a lot less time to make my way around the show before the bikini contest and I released that the reason for this is that this year's show seemed a lot smaller than previous years.  I don't have any official numbers but it definitely seemed like it was smaller.  In any case you can take a look at the pictures that I took on this set from flickr -- Boise Roadster Show.

Autocross in two weeks!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

2011 Super GT Entry List

Not more than a day after I published the last Super GT update did release an official Entry List of the teams competing in this year's racing season.  So I've compiled the list along with links (that I could find) to the teams and will try and complete it through out the year with team and driver blogs as well so that fans can keep up-to-date on what is happening during the 2011 Super GT season.

You can find the official entry list from Super GT here -- Entry List. After looking at the list for the first time I noticed that there are a few notable missing teams from last year as well as some notable missing cars.  Like the Honda CR-Z that I was hoping for.  However also missing was the Rire Racing Lamborghini and the Bomex Porsche Boxster along with the already missing cars that have been mentioned before.

In any case here is the list

Super GT GT500 Class
001 Weider Honda Racing -- Weider HSV-010 Takashi Kogure/Loic Duval
006 LEXUS TEAM LeMans ENEOS -- Eneos SC430 Daisuke Ito/Kazuya Oshima
008 AUTOBACS RACING TEAM AGURI -- ARTA HSV-010 Hideki Mutoh/Takashi Kobayashi
012 TEAM IMPUL -- Calsonic Impul GT-R Tsugio Matsuda/Joao Paulo Lima de Oliveira
017 KEIHIN REAL RACING -- Keihin HSV-010 Toshihiro Kaneishi/Koudai Tsukakoshi
019 LEXUS TEAM WedsSport BANDOH -- WedsSport Advan SC430 Tatsuya Kataoka/Seiji Ara
023 NISMO -- Motul Autech GT-R Satoshi Motoyama/Benoit Treluyer
024 KONDO Racing -- TBN GT-R Hironobu Yasuda/Bjorn Wirdheim
032 NAKAJIMA RACING -- Epson HSV-010 Ryo Michigami/Yuhki Nakayama
035 LEXUS TEAM KRAFT -- D'STATION KeePer SC430 Juichi Wakisaka/Andre Couto
036 LEXUS TEAM PETRONAS TOM'S (2) -- Petronas Tom's SC430 Andre Lotterer/Kazuki Nakajima
038 LEXUS TEAM ZENT CERUMO -- Zent Cerumo SC430 Yuji Tachikawa/Kohei Hirate
039 LEXUS TEAM SARD -- Denso Sard SC430 Hiroaki Ishiura/Takuto Iguchi
046 MOLA -- S Road MOLA GT-R Masataka Yanagida/Ronnie Quintarelli
100 TEAM KUNIMITSU -- Raybrig HSV-010 Takuya Izawa/Naoki Yamamoto

Super GT GT300 Class
002 Cars Tokai Dream28 -- EVA RT TEST TYPE-01 Apple Shiden Kazuho Takahashi/Hiroki Katoh
004 GSR&Studie with TeamUKYO -- Hatsunemiku GSR BMW Nobuteru Taniguchi/Taku Bamba
005 TEAM MACH -- Mach GOGOGO Syaken RD320R Tetsuji Tamanaka/Haruki Kurosawa
007 DIRECTION RACING -- TBN 911GT3R Carlo Van Dam/Hiroshi Hamaguchi
010 JIMGAINER -- JIMGAINER F430 TBN/TBN -- Still nothing
011 JIMGAINER -- JIMGAINER DIXCEL DUNLOP 458 Tetsuya Tanaka/Katsuyuki Hiranaka
014 Team SG CHANGI -- SG CHANGI IS350 Ryo Orime/Alexandre Imperatori
015 TEAM ART TASTE -- Art Taste GT3R Yasuhiro Shimizu/Patrick Pire(?)
022 R'Qs MOTORSPORTS -- R'Qs Vemac 350R Hisashi Wada/Masayuki Jyonai
025 SAMURAI Team TSUCHIYA -- ZENT Porsche RSR Akihiro Tsuzuki/Takeshi Tsuchiya
026 Team TAISAN CINECITTA -- TBN 911GT3RS Hideshi Matsuda/Kyosuke Mineo
027 LMP MOTORSPORT -- PACIFIC NAC IKAMUSUME Ferrari Yutaka Yamagishi/Hideki Yamauchi
031 APR -- Magical Carbon Hasepro COROLLA Axio Saga Hiroki/Iwasaki Yuki
033 HANKOOK KTR -- Hankook Porsche Masami Kageyama/Tomonobu Fujii
034 HANKOOK KTR -- TBN 911GT3RSR 高森 博士/マイケル・キム
041 Team TAISAN CINECITTA -- Next Web TAISAN Ferrari Shinichi Yamaji/Hiroshi Koizumi
043 AUTOBACS RACING TEAM AGURI -- ARTA Garaiya Shinichi Takagi/Kosuke Matsuura
062 R&D SPORT -- R&D Sport Legacy B4 Tetsuya Yamano/Kota Sasaki
066 A Speed -- triple a Vantage GT2 Hiroki Yoshimoto/Kazuki Hoshino
069 Thunder Asia Racing -- ThunderAsia MT900M Melvin Choo/Hiroki Yoshida
086 JLOC -- JLOC Lamborghini RG-3 TBN/TBN
088 JLOC -- JLOC Lamborghini RG-3 TBN/TBN
360 TOMEI SPORTS -- RUNNUP SPORTS CORVETTE Atsushi Tanaka/Kazuyoshi Okamura
808 AS Racing -- TBN TBN/TBN -- probably wont make an appearance until late in the season.

So as soon as I find out more about those To Be Announced titles I'll get them updated. If you're wondering who As Racing is they ran an Itasha EVO in Super Taiyko and they are rumored to be bringing back the old Hatsune Miku BMW from 2009.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project: RWBooru

So a while ago I decided that I wasn't going to sit on my lorals any more and got cracking on doing something that I thought should be done for all the fans of RAUH-Welt Begriff and that was to start a booru type site for all the pictures of various RWB cars.  So I set about searching for more and more pictures looked at how to start a booru site and set to work.

1326 pictures later I can officially say that RWBooru is the largest single collection of RAUH-Welt Begriff pictures on the internet. I know there may be a few duplicates in the mess thanks to different sizes of pictures.  Now I have two really big challenges ahead of me.  The most time consuming of course is fixing the tags.  When I started uploading pictures I didn't think to add tags for the model of Porsche and the color of the car.  It would make it easier to search for your favorite car that way yet I didn't think of that until I had already uploaded 600 pictures.  Ouch.  So now I'm slowly adding tags and hope that others who are looking around might also help with the tagging but that brings me to my second problem.  Getting the world to know about the RWBooru.

That's probably the bigger of the two issues and the one that I think will be the harder problem to fix.  I've already posted it in several places and I have seen a few people visit the site but not exactly in droves though. So yeah I need to get the word out that the booru site is there as well as this one.  I've looked at my numbers and they have seriously lowered since the end of the weekly race queen team features.  So I need to get this blog out there more as well.    But back to the booru site.

Some RWBooru stats
--1326 total pictures currently as of March 1, 2011
--Have included pictures from Speedhunters, Noriyaro, RWB owner's blogs, 0-60 mag, Jon Sibal, Auto-Otaku's old flickr account and Random folks who have traveled to the shop as well as anything else that I could get my fingers on.
--I didn't include Nakai-san's blog pictures because they are too small I thought.
--Even though I really love the Porsche cars I also uploaded a good deal of the other assorted vehicles that RWB has turned out as well.
--Discovered that there are many many more RAUH-Welt Porsches out there than many people know about.
--Honestly I hope people enjoy it and don't get mad about me uploading their pictures to the site.  

Most of all what I took away from this little project of mine is just how much I so so want one.  My choice would be a 964 CRS with a smooth widebody (seamless and no rivets) and ducktail (with RWB cutout) perhaps in a dark glossy paint scheme (not black)  lowered but not tucking or poking. I'd want mine flush with some deep dish gun-metal SSR professor SP1s.  I'd want a mostly complete interior just rear seat deletes and maybe roll bars in the back along with some other weight savings.  A NACA duct system and of course RWB branded bucket seats.  Oh yeah and a tilted tac like I've seen on a few Japanese Porsches lately.  That would be my ideal RWB car.  Now I just need the moneys.

I don't want to leave you without something to watch so here is another awesome RAUH-Welt video.  Used it for the video of the week but it definitely needs a permanent link.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Super GT Update 2

That's right here is another update for the 2011 Super GT racing season set to get started in only a few short months time. More teams have been announced new paint schemes have been announced drivers have been finalized and teams have been out testing some more as well.  Contracts have been signed and fans are gearing up for another exciting race season for Super GT.  Even Jon Sibal is working on something for GT300 (I'm betting it's a render of the Honda CR-Z GT300 car myself) and I'm just out there using my google-fu to find more and more information. 

As-web is definitely one of the go to places for some of the more up-to-date information on all forms of racing and I've been reading their news releases daily and have found lots of interesting things.  The only problem is that my google-fu isn't all that good enough to translate some of their article so I have to take an educated guess as to what some of it is actually saying.  I wish would get more stuff out but those are the breaks I guess.  A few teams have gotten their blogs and web pages up and running most are just lacking in content at the moment though.  I'll have to go and make a list of them soon enough but I want to wait until everything has been finalized.  Even the wiki page is taking a while to be updated but it does have some information on it finally besides the schedule.

So lets start off with some interesting team movements.  These are the teams that have been qualified for a guaranteed spot at each race of the season.

Super GT GT500
01 ウイダー ホンダ レーシング (Weider Honda Racing)

Super GT GT300
43 AUTOBACS RACING TEAM AGURI -- Racing in the ARTA Garaiya again but for the last time
74 apr
02 Cars Tokai Dream28
11 JIMGAINER -- Is running two cars one F430 and one F458
86 JLOC -- wonder if it's all three of the cars again?
31 apr
05 TEAM MACH -- was going to race a F458 but in the Vemac again.

Now here are the new wild cards, the teams that will be making appearances here and there depending on their schedules and what have you.

Super GT GT500
19  WedsSport --moved up from GT300
46  Mola -- moved up from GT300

Super GT GT300
Runup Sports -- Running a Corvette this year
LMP Motorsports -- Running an Itasha Ferrari F430 maybe a F458?
That's the new stuff that has come out since the last update.  I'll do one more update probably as a final pre-season guide and preview for what I think will transpire during the season.  Until than I also have some links to the GT500 testing that took place a short time ago. By the way the first race starts in 31 days from today March 1, 2011.

Winter Testing by Jon Sibal
Winter Testing from Race Revo and Race Revo

Here's a video of the Honda HSV-010 testing
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