Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Boise Roadster Show

You know spring and more importantly Motorsports events are right around the corner when its time for the Boise Roadster Show.  This year was the 39th annual Boise Roadster Show held at the Expo Idaho Center and I dragged the roommate along on Friday night so that I could take some pictures of the cars and of course to film the Miss Roadster Show later that night.

We got there around 5:30pm and I got to work taking pictures and I found out that if I was still enough I could get some pretty good pictures without using the flash.  Using the flash actually turned everything really dark and I didn't like it.  Next year maybe I'll bring a monopod.  The only real problem with doing that is that all the pictures looked great on the tiny screen but when I got home it was pretty hit and miss with the pictures being in focus completely or not.  So I never knew until it was way to late if the picture was good or not.  But I did OK on the cars that I did like.  And there were a few stand out cars that I did like this year.  Back for a second time (and for sale too) was the Datsun Ferrari hybrid /kit car but even better was a really nicely done up Volkswagen Bug that you see up there.

2011 Roadster Show

I was really surprised to see that unlike several other years it wasn't a lot of the same old same old.  Sure there was a bunch of stuff that we have seen from other years but there was also a good number of new arrivals as well.  It's always nice to see a few nicely done AC Cobra replicas there.  But this year also had a few new rock crawler type trucks as well.

AC Cobra Replica
2011 Roadster Show

I did notice that it took me a lot less time to make my way around the show before the bikini contest and I released that the reason for this is that this year's show seemed a lot smaller than previous years.  I don't have any official numbers but it definitely seemed like it was smaller.  In any case you can take a look at the pictures that I took on this set from flickr -- Boise Roadster Show.

Autocross in two weeks!

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