Monday, March 14, 2011

2011 Miss Roadster Show

On Friday night during the Boise Roadster Show they also hold the Miss Roadster Show a nice little bikini/swimsuit show featuring some lovely ladies of the Treasure Valley.  This year marks my third year of attending the Miss Roadster show and I grabbed my typical spot in the middle of the stands and set about filming the 2011 Miss Roadster Show with my roommate taking up photography duties.

This year's Miss Roadster show saw a smaller turn out than last year with only 12 ladies entered.  It even seemed like the gathered crowd of onlookers was smaller as well.  While the show was smaller I still had a fun time shooting video and it's a great way to help break the winter cabin fever of not filming anything since the last autocross.

Last year was chuck full of ladies who worked at local costumed hotties themed restaurants this year however only one lady worked at Hooters while the rest actually came from a very diverse background of jobs and interests.  You would have thought that the questions they were asked would also be different but I swear they were the same exact questions from last year.  Of the twelve ladies some really caught my eye and of course just like everyone else there were the ones that I really thought....why?  Of those that caught my eye one lady caught my eye just because of the shoes that she wore.  Sophie had some awesome metal spiked high heels but I have to say my favorite lady that I'd have voted for was Jessica.  

You can check out the pictures that my roommate shot on this flickr set -- 2011 Miss Roadster Show
While he was taking pictures I was shooting videos of the ladies and you can find them all here -- 2011 Miss Roadster Show

Here are three videos from the event.  First up are two group videos of all the ladies and the last one is a video of the winners


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