Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2011 Super GT RD1 Okayama POSTPONED

Just read the latest on the 2011 Super GT happenings and it has been announced today that the first round of  the Super GT race season, to be held at Okayama on the first weekend of April, has been postponed (thankfully at the moment not canceled) due to the recent disasters that have hit Japan.  I have to give them some much needed respect also for announcing that they are dedicating the entire race season to the "Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Relief Event" to provide support to the affected areas and sufferers of the disaster.

Here is what they had to say --
GTA has decided to postpone the event with consideration for the effect caused by the northern Japan great earthquake. Alternative schedule to be announced later.
In view of the effects caused by the earthquake that hit northern Japan, the GTA Co.,Ltd (Representative Director: Masaaki Bandoh) has made the decision to postponed the 2011 SUPER GT Round 1 "Okayama GT300km Race" originally scheduled for April 2nd to 3rd. The company is currently exploring the alternative dates and will announce them once finalized. In addition, preparations for the Round 2 "Fuji GT400km Race" (scheduled for April 30th to May 1st) and other events beyond are proceeding as planned, however, decisions on the event schedules will be made in accordance with the developments in situation.

That means at this time the first round of the Super Gt season will now be in 52 days at Fuji Speedway. And after looking at the schedule it's going to be interesting to see where they will be able to fit in the Okayama race, my guess would be after Sepang.

Here is the director of Super GT with his comments on the announcement --
I pray sincerely for the victims who lost their lives in the earthquake. My thoughts are with those who suffered from the disaster and their families, and I would like to extend my hope for quick recovery.
I am personally in a great shock to hear through the media that Tohoku and Kanto regions are suffering significantly from this massive quake. I would like to express deepest respect once again to the people who are giving full support to rescue survivors as well as for recovery in spite of the unpredictable situation at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.
As a consequence of the meeting held today among the stakeholders of SUPER GT, GTA has decided to postpone this year's opening round at Okayama in consideration of the serious damages caused by the quake affecting vast areas and the current social condition.
I would like to apologize to the fans across the country who had been waiting for the SUPER GT series to start as well as people who were planning to come to Okayama, and I also would like to ask for kind understanding of the situation.
Furthermore, I am fully committed to continue the discussion and take action on what SUPER GT and the motorsports industry as a whole can do to maximize our support.
As a first step, we have decided to dedicate all events of this season as "Eastern Japan Great Earthquake Relief Event" to provide support to the affected areas and sufferers of the disaster.

Here is the link to the official press release -- Super GT

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