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Autocross -- Mar 27,2011

It is time to dust off the racing outfit, finish up the last minute winter car projects, charge the batteries for the cameras and get ready for the start of the autocross racing season.  Are you ready?  I'm ready to brush off this cabin fever and get behind the lens to shoot some more autocross action.  This last weekend was the first Autocross event for the Snake River Region SCCA group and I was there on Sunday to take pictures and shoot video.

The actual start of the season was on Saturday but thanks to my work schedule and prior commitements I'm unable to make any Saturday events until I take vacation time for the Haily Airport event later in the year.  And from I heard thanks to Mother Nature throwing a huge fit (storm) Saturday was not a good day for autocross thanks in large part to a very wet $2 electical part for timing.  Saturday sounded like it was a very long day for everyone involved.  Thankfully Sunday looked like it was going to be a better day.  While every one else was there to drive I was there to take pictures and shot video and I did just that.  In fact here are the links to them so you don't have to read this entire blog post if you don't want to.

Mazda MiataPicture Set on Flickr -- AutoX -- 03272011
Videos on YouTube -- Greg's Channel
Official Results from Saturday and Sunday --
SRRSCCA Event Results

Now with that out of the way here's how Sunday went down from my perspective.  While the weather wasn't nearly as bad it was still a serious pain, as the weather couldn't decide on whether or not it wanted to rain, blow like crazy or shine. All it really knew was that it wanted to be cold.  And somehow during all that I still managed to get sunburned.  The joys of being a ginger kid.  The frozen fingers I could do without though.  But it was one sunburn that was worth getting.

And that was because I was in car heaven as there was no shortage of Porsche 911 cars out in attendence.  All they needed was a 997 and 964 to complete the model line up.  Obiviously my favorite was the late '70s Fly Yellow 911 Turbo model that showed up packing some 600hp.  Hopefully he really enjoyed himself and he'll make it out to more events during the year.  There was also a plain jane 993 and a couple 996 models.  The white 996 is a regular and like I said about the Turbo, hopefully the rest will be back later.  Now if I could just convense them all to get some aerokits and big spoilers...hmmm

BMW 325ETiming was still having issues with an error but they were able to work around it to help keep things moving along smoothly, even if it did give a few people some extra untimed runs during the day.  But I'm sure the driveres were more mad at mother nature for the constantly changing weather. 

Unless of  course you were my poor roommate who so far this year just can't catch a break with his car.  Right before his first run the cooling system decided to go tits up and dump his coolent all over the place.  This of course after he found out, after replacing the transmission destroyed by Dennis Dillion, that the latest transmission also had two shot gears as well.  This time 3rd was trashed and 4th was just gone. Atleast he got some runs in on Saturday but it looks like the RX8 will be out for a few more events this year as well. 

The first event of the season is always an interesting time as it usually brings out new drivers with new cars and also returning drivers with either new cars or the same car from last year but with new upgrades.  There were plenty of both on Sunday.  Actually I was suprised with just how many cars did show up on a crappy day for racing.  Maybe everyone just wanted to show off and shake off the cabin fever. 

Honda S2000Usually it's also a time for me to show off some new camera gear that I've picked up over the winter break. However, this year due to buying my own little project car I had to forgo any new camera gear and maybe I should have thought about that a bit more as my now 15 year-old tripod from Wally World is showing it's age more and more.   My Tein umbrella is also showing it's age as well but thankfully is still holding up really well for the abuse that it's gone though in the last couple years.  That and those Chinese cheap camera batteries are not holding up all that well either.  The later pretty much means for the evening run groups I can only film what I really want to.  I'll be working to sort out those issues as well as helping the roommate sort out his problems with the RX8 too.  Maybe we can get him back racing in two lor three racing events so he doesn't miss much more of the autocross season like he did last year. 

Some videos from the event.

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