Saturday, March 26, 2011

Engineered for Magic Everyday

It looks like Porsche has been busy of lately.  Rumors of a smaller version of the Panamerica and Cayenne.  Rolling out an Exclusive "918 Special Edition" 911 Turbo for people who buy the 918.  Updating the 911 GT3R Hybrid as well as the new 911 Cup Cars. Not to mention the winter testing of the 911 updated car that should be released I believe next year.  But what really struck me this week were the handful of video shorts (Teasers if you will) that popped up on YouTube this week.

I have to admit those videos are pretty cool because it takes the varies sporty models of Porsches and firmly places them in the day to day roles of the average car.  And if you read the comments on some of the videos much to cringing of some people.  I think it's cool though because truely a Porsche 911 is just a car.  Of course they didn't just make the videos for fun there is a reason for them and that is to get the word out that Porsche is looking for people to share their videos and stories from owners making the mundane magical in their Porsche.  You can visit that new site here --  Porsche Every Day  The videos are really short and sweet and here they are...

Getaway car -- 911 GTS

School Bus -- 911 Turbo

Snowmobile -- 911 C4 (would be my guess.)

Pet Carrier -- Boxster

Pickup Truck -- Cayman

Now about that new Porsche 911 Turbo S Edition 918 Spyder. Well for those lucky few people who are shelling out close to $900K for the now officially on sale 918 Hybrid they can also pick up a new 911 Turbo S that comes with some new bits and bobbles to match the 918 Hybrid. Can have either a coupe or cabriolet and it comes with special decals, custom colors and a matching numbered plaque. It's an interesting marketing ploy I'm sure and I'm sure they'll sell every one of them but I had to laugh at the whole idea myself. You can read all about it here -- Autoblog.

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