Sunday, March 20, 2011

Motorsport Save Japan

No doubt that you've heard about the recent catastrophic disasters that have befallen Japan in the last week.  First a series of Earthquakes including one of the largest on Record followed by devastating tsunamis that washed away cities and thousands of Japanese folks.  Now they are working diligently to save many more lives and more fighting to regain control of the Nuclear facilities that were damaged last week.  Thankfully due to the Japanese culture and way of life many of them are getting right back up and getting right back to work fixing and helping each other out but many still need help. 

I blogged about ways of helping and keeping up to-date on the happenings of the aftermath and even took a bit of time to chastise those idiots among us who though it was appropriate to make fun of the Japanese in the wake of the disaster or those who have sought to tell people that it's revenge for Pearl Harbor or God's wrath.  None of it is and for those who think like that for shame.  But you can read all about that on the other blog.  This post I just wanted to share what the Motorsports community in Japan is doing to help Aid in the disaster relief. 

Recently I found that one of the drivers in Super GT Juichi Wakisaka started up Motorsport Save Japan fund that shares the motorsports community's desire to help raise money to help those in need.  Even though this is a little bit harder to give money to -- You have to send a bank paypal here.  But I wouldn't honestly support this one more than others as the money goes directly to Japan (you can also donate directly to the Japanese Redcross but again it's by bank transfer only) so there is no middle man skimming their percentage.  I'm waiting for the yen/dollar exchange rate to mello out some before I send any money myself (earlier this week it hit an all time low of 70-something to the dollar) 

I found another Japanese based relief fund and that's from Idler's selling the stickers that were meant for the first race of the season but was canceled due to the disasters.  The proceeds from the sticker sales (500 yen) goes to a relief fund but I haven't been able to figure out if overseas folks can contribute yet to that as well.  If I find out that folks can contribute I'll add that link or if I find any other motorsports related relief fund organizations. 

On a side note I know a lot of people are saying no one should donate to help Japan because they are not Haiti, they are a rich country and don't need our help. But hello yeah sure they are not Haiti but that doesn't mean that folks in Japan who don't have anything at all at the moment don't need the extra help as well.  If you don't want to contribute

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