Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project Jetta

Welcome to my new project.  I finally got back into the VAG of things by recently purchasing a 1989 Volkswagen Jetta GL.  I loved my 1980 Jetta Coupe but when it went tits up I sold it and got some run of the mill Lumina to get me around.  And I hated that decision ever since than.  Well low and behold the Lumina has gotten to the point where fixing it is a normally occurring event.  As I'd rather fix up something I like I decided to buy another Jetta and fix it up instead.  After a bit of searching and waiting for that right one to show up I settled on a white 89 Jetta GL. 

Of course since the Jetta is a 22 year old car there are some issues.  But I knew I'd be getting something like that with the money that I was looking to spend and I've started making a list of items that I need to update and replace.  Not all of them all immediate needs and some are just cosmetic or vanity items.

After purchasing the car it did take a while to get the car home.  First of all the free battery that should have been able to get the car home was dead so I had to pick up another one.  The car only had one key so the door locks had to be re-keyed.  But after those two issues were resolved I was able to drive the car home and got to really test it out.  The test told me one really needed new suspension asap.  That was the bounciest drive I've ever been on on city streets. After getting it home I took some pictures so I had some before pictures.  I need to take some detail pictures of the stuff that I need to fix though.

Lets Check out the Specs for my 1989 VW Jetta GL
Year: 1989
Type: 4-door Sedan
Engine: 1.8L 8v  (I think)
Transmission: Auto (yeah yeah I know)
Millage:  Hell if I know dash says 82K but I don't trust it.

Here is the current Fix it or replace it list:
Front Windshield replaced
Rearview Mirror
Shift Knob
Negative battery wire
Postive battery terminal
Windshield washer fluid line
Trunk lid hole from CB radio antennae
Refresh Molding/bumpers
Bottom lip replacement
Rear disk brake swap
Front grill and light housing

So that's it for the fist blog post of my Project Jetta tune in next time when I might have some extra cash to fix some stuff.  Here is the link to the flickr set -- 89 Jetta GL

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