Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Project: RWBooru

So a while ago I decided that I wasn't going to sit on my lorals any more and got cracking on doing something that I thought should be done for all the fans of RAUH-Welt Begriff and that was to start a booru type site for all the pictures of various RWB cars.  So I set about searching for more and more pictures looked at how to start a booru site and set to work.

1326 pictures later I can officially say that RWBooru is the largest single collection of RAUH-Welt Begriff pictures on the internet. I know there may be a few duplicates in the mess thanks to different sizes of pictures.  Now I have two really big challenges ahead of me.  The most time consuming of course is fixing the tags.  When I started uploading pictures I didn't think to add tags for the model of Porsche and the color of the car.  It would make it easier to search for your favorite car that way yet I didn't think of that until I had already uploaded 600 pictures.  Ouch.  So now I'm slowly adding tags and hope that others who are looking around might also help with the tagging but that brings me to my second problem.  Getting the world to know about the RWBooru.

That's probably the bigger of the two issues and the one that I think will be the harder problem to fix.  I've already posted it in several places and I have seen a few people visit the site but not exactly in droves though. So yeah I need to get the word out that the booru site is there as well as this one.  I've looked at my numbers and they have seriously lowered since the end of the weekly race queen team features.  So I need to get this blog out there more as well.    But back to the booru site.

Some RWBooru stats
--1326 total pictures currently as of March 1, 2011
--Have included pictures from Speedhunters, Noriyaro, RWB owner's blogs, 0-60 mag, Jon Sibal, Auto-Otaku's old flickr account and Random folks who have traveled to the shop as well as anything else that I could get my fingers on.
--I didn't include Nakai-san's blog pictures because they are too small I thought.
--Even though I really love the Porsche cars I also uploaded a good deal of the other assorted vehicles that RWB has turned out as well.
--Discovered that there are many many more RAUH-Welt Porsches out there than many people know about.
--Honestly I hope people enjoy it and don't get mad about me uploading their pictures to the site.  

Most of all what I took away from this little project of mine is just how much I so so want one.  My choice would be a 964 CRS with a smooth widebody (seamless and no rivets) and ducktail (with RWB cutout) perhaps in a dark glossy paint scheme (not black)  lowered but not tucking or poking. I'd want mine flush with some deep dish gun-metal SSR professor SP1s.  I'd want a mostly complete interior just rear seat deletes and maybe roll bars in the back along with some other weight savings.  A NACA duct system and of course RWB branded bucket seats.  Oh yeah and a tilted tac like I've seen on a few Japanese Porsches lately.  That would be my ideal RWB car.  Now I just need the moneys.

I don't want to leave you without something to watch so here is another awesome RAUH-Welt video.  Used it for the video of the week but it definitely needs a permanent link.

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