Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 Super GT Update 3

In one of the bigger surprises of the year so far 2010 Super GT GT300 champs Hasemi Motorsports have decided to pull the plug on their return to the 2011 Super GT season.  That's right that bright yellow FairladyZ has withdrawn from the 2011 Super GT series.  This leaves the GT300 field devode of a Nissan and Mazda race entrant.  Apparently that hasn't happened since 1995.  The good thing is that the First round of the season has been rescheduled as well.

So yeah first the good news the first round has been rescheduled to be ran at Okayama on May 21-22.  And yes it will still be considered the first round so I have no idea how the winning weights is going to work out.  I'd imagine they just do the weights normally though.  So that means we don't have to wait such a long time for the next race from race 1 to 3.

So what else has been changed due to the disaster in Japan in regards to Super GT.  Well it's a lot of conserving.  The races are all going to be shorter in length.  Races with lengths of 300km will be knocked down to 250km (not bad) the 500km races will be knocked down to 300km (holy hell guys) and the 700km race at Suzuka will be knocked down 500km.  I'm just hoping that maybe some time in the year they will decide that they don't need to do that and go back to the original race lengths.  One could only hope.

Of course that isn't the only change either.  To help conserve energy pit crews can't work over night after qualifying and their work at night is heavily restricted.  I'm not entirely sure how that will effect the transformation of the race teams though out the season.

Now for the really important information. Hasemi Motorspots have decided to withdraw from the entirity of the 2011 Super GT season and you can read their Japanese Press Release at several different places but I have yet to find a really good translation of it yet and Yahoo! Babelfish translation gives you this wonderful translation.

From HASEMI MOTOR SPORT news this time of 2011 SUPER GT participation pause, it decided HASEMI MOTOR SPORT in stopping 2011 SUPER GT series participation. Last year it acquired the GT300 class champion, continued and directed to SUPER GT series participation, started doing preparation. But, it became to give up participation with various circumstance participation system is established up to reaching. We at the NISSAN car started continuing participation from 1994 all the Japanese GT championships which are the predecessor of SUPER GT are started. Entry it did in GT300 GT500 both class, it was possible in 2003 2010 with the shade to acquire the champion. This year when it is [hasemimotasupotsu] establishment 30th anniversary the [takaratomi] way in order to begin sponsor each company from, it was the circumstance which continues and can support. In spite even to that, it cannot participate to race/lace it apologizes the fact that it becomes deeply. Furthermore it is undecided, concerning the SUPER GT participation after the next year, but in the future it starts groping the possibility of return. In addition, because sort it starts continuing business so far in regard to our company after part business section, it continues and about patronage, asks may. It became last, but as and past support received, everyone of the authorized personnel and it grants so far from everyone of the fan including sponsor each company it says gratitude deeply vis-a-vis better wooden pail kindness. Limited company [hasemimotasupotsu] typical Hasemi 昌 Hiro

So while they are no longer running in Super GT this year they may be back later and the company will still be around selling their products.

[update April 19]
Another team kicks the bucket.  Right after posting this blog post I was checking out AS-web for new stories and sure enough the top story was that one of the new Porsche 911 teams was dropping out of the 2011 Super GT season.  Team Art Taste announced their departure from the race season.  However, Rire Racing is back on the schedule.

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