Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Autocross: April 10, 2011

Sunday was the fourth Autocross event for the Snake River Region SCCA club and I was out there for pictures and videos.  This weekends event was the first event to be held at the new venue for 2011.  It was held on the back lot of the Dealer Auto Auctions property and it's a massive lot with only a handful of light poles to contend with.  That makes for a wide variety of possible track layouts.  Even though I'm only out there on Sunday this was another 2 day event so you can find results from both days here -- Event 3 & 4.  

For Sunday though I have uploaded some pictures that I took on Flickr which you can find here -- Autox April 10, 2011 and you can find the videos that I've uploaded here -- YouTube Channel.   Sunday was an early and very long day.  Since we had to travel a little bit further out for this event meant I had to get up earlier than normal and I have to say it was still very cold in the morning.  Once out there took a look around found my spot to set up and got to work.  This Sunday I was able to borrow a real lens from my friend Chris Wold who lent me his Canon 70-200 for the event.  I'm used to my much lighter Sigma budget lens so while man handling the much heavier and bulker Canon lens it was a learning experience for me and through out the day that lens just got heavier but the results are much better than the budget Sigma Lens could have done considering the overcast and darker light.

Honda Civic SiEven though it was overcast I was smart enough to bring my sunscreen along this time out and it was a very smart thing to do since the day lasted well into the late afternoon (we didn't leave the event site until well after 6pm).  Many people didn't think about sunscreen and you could find a lot of red necks and arms in the group of participants at the end of the day.

I was a happy camper again this event as there were a handful of Porsche 911 cars out there and while the yellow 911 Turbo wasn't there another 930 out there this time and one I've seen at a couple car shows so it was nice to see it at an autocross event. I saw the red 993 in parking lot but he didn't run that car today. A couple new and returning Porsches were there as well like the white Cayman and a new 944 Turbo which lost his power steering  belt late in the day.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO XThis event also had the first JR cart and for her first time driving did remarkably good out there.  Back out also for the first time this year as well was the IMS winner from last year the EVO X in a new class.  It was looking good as well.  And for the first time and last time my friend Matt in his finally running M5 was there for his last event before he moved out to Seattle.  I'm glad I could get some pictures and videos of his gorgeous M5 for him to remember our little club before he left.

Also out there for the first time this year was the drift Miata and before their (co-driver car) first run you could see the event master having a little conversation with them and I can only imagine what was said but for most of the event the drift Miata didn't do any driting even though you could see that they were setting up their cornering  like they were going to drift.  It wasn't until the last couple of runs that they got a little lite drifting into their runs.

There were many new and returning cars and trucks out there for this event and I could just keep going on about them but this would be a really long blog post if I did that.  That would go with how long the day went but I don't like going on and on.  At the end of the day the locked the gate and kept people in so that everyone could help with cleaning up the site and getting things cleaned up and because of that it didn't actually take all that long to get everything cleaned up and put away.  It seems like the new event was happy with us and the club was I believe very happy with the new site.  Also they found out what was causing the very annoying timing issues that have plagued the last events.  Hopefully a software update with fix the issue and we can do away with the way to many hold starts.  Until next time enjoy one of the many videos.

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