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Autocross: April 23, 2011

Normally I will never make it to a Satuday Autocross event for the Snake River Region SCCA club due to my work schedule but this last week I was able to because the co-worker wanted Easter Sunday off so we switched giving me Friday off and the chance to  film a Saturday event.  There are a few different drivers who can only show up and race on Saturdays so it gave me a chance to film and take pictures for them as well.  Also Saturday promised to be a sunny and clear day compared to Sunday so that was a nice change as well.

Since I'm out there to take pictures and video and I know that's what you're looking for, you can find them at the usual places.  There was a good number of cars which means there was a good number of pictures which you can find in this set on flickr -- Autox April 23, 2011.  As for the videos there are 179 of them on my YouTube channel.  One of the changes I made to uploading videos is that I've started grouping cars a little bit better so it will be easier for people to find all their videos.  While this doesn't really change much for people who have a different car than everyone else (ie the Tesla Roadster) for those who have a Miata or Corvette where there are several different ones out racing it will be easier to find their car as they will be all grouped together instead of spread out like they used to be.

IMG_7171Why are there so many pictures and videos?  Well that's an easy one.  This weeks autocross event was held out at the Dealers Auto Auction site once again and the person who designed the course for Saturday made one that was fast and very open.  Fast times equal shorter videos and shorter videos simply equals more videos.  And this time I do believe that I got at least one video from every car that was out there.  I'm not sure about every driver though.  It's always something right.

Thanks to the course being very open on Saturday it wasn't a cone killer event, which I'm sure made the course workers happy not having to shag cones all that often.  That doesn't mean there weren't some eyebrow raising moments though.  There was the traction challenged Chevy S10 pick-up who seemed to be doing his best to impersonate Japanese drifters just about every run he had.  However, for me the most exciting eyebrow raising part was late in the evening when one of the Miatas got a bit loose and spun out in front of me while I was filming.  Since I was filming it made it look a lot closer than it was and it caused me to, for the first time ever, pick up and move back aways a bit.

IMG_7131Even though this event was chuck full of Acura Integras, Chevy Corvettes and Mazda Miatas there were some interesting cars that showed up to race on Saturday as well most notable I thought was a new mod car, a Caterham/Lotus Super 7 body powered by a Rotary engine.  He mentioned that he just recently moved here from SoCal but also said that he only gets out to race every so often. I was looking forward to taking pictures and videos of his car but something happened to it on one of his morning runs and he had to pack it up and take it home.  Hopefully what ever happened isnt' to bad and hopefully he'll be out again sometime this year when I'm filming.  

BMW M3And as an air-cooled Porsche 911 nut I was disappointed in not getting to see one run on Saturday but at least there was the regular white 996 and now becoming a regular black 996 C4S to satisfy my Porsche cravings. Also on the euro front was the return (finally) of the Black M3 in a new class running on street tires and  now with some lovely blue rims done by Moda Metals.

Finally, I have a bit of news for those who might be wondering where their old videos have gone off to. I typically remove videos from two years ago at the start of the new year to make room for the current years videos on YouTube (if I didn't I'd have well over three thousand videos by now) and every now and then people ask about the videos and I've decided to sell them so people can upload them to their own YouTube channel (or whatever) and I can raise some money to buy a new HD video camera and tripod.  If you are at all interested in that then you can check out this page -- Buy Now.

Traction challenged S10

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