Friday, April 8, 2011

Project Jetta Part 2

Since I've gotten the new to me Jetta GL I haven't done a whole lot with it since I just haven't had any money to start working on it.  In fact the only thing that I've bought for the car since getting it home was to buy a new air filter for it ($15) since the one that was in there was all sorts of moldy and oily and just down right nasty as all hell.  I wasn't about to put the old air filter back in even if I wasn't going to be driving the Jetta around for a while.  With the oil in there it looks like I'll need to pick up an Oil Controller for it as well.  But there was one thing I could do for the car that wouldn't cost any money.  Clean it and do a write up on things that will need to be upgraded, fixed or replaced.

I cleaned up the interior of the car and trunk and to be honest it did a pretty good job of cleaning up.  Even though this was a high school kids car it was in surprisingly good shape a bit of mold in the cracks and the floor but that cleaned right up.  Still need to take out the rear bench seat and clean under that as well.  While cleaning up the trunk I also found the stickers that list all the information of the car which is a good thing since it gives me a chance to see exactly what options came with the car what engine the car has and a list of other important information.

VW Jetta info tagWith this information I was able to visit A2Resource to look up what type of engine I have in the car (Digifant II) as well as the original color of the car if I ever wanted to repaint it that color which I don't.  I really want to go with a very dark gray color.  And from there I visited a Vin # decoder that was able to tell me that the car was built in Germany (thank goodness) as well as a few other important things.  After that I was also able to visit an Option code Decoder that was able to tell me all the options that were included with the car.  I learned that the car did not come with Cruise Control even though it looks like that was at one point installed.  Here is the actual list of options.
X9A = National sales program USA
C0B = Steel wheels 5.5J x 13 surface style
G0D = 3-speed automatic transmission
H2L = Tires 175/70 R13 T
J0J = Battery 300 A (63 Ah)
K8B = Notchback
L0L = Left-hand drive vehicle
M0Z = 4-cylinder gasoline engine 1.8 L/79 kW DIGIFANT, closed-loop US cat. converter base engine is T3E
V0L = GOODYEAR tires
V0A = Tires w/o specification of tire brand
0A2 = 4 doors
0NE = Nameplate set "GL"
1AF = Power brake
1C1 = Antifreeze up to -25 degree celsius tolerance up to -30 degree C
1G6 = Space-saving spare wheel
1H1 = Load-sensitive proportioning valve
1MC = Steering wheel (hollow rim)
2JC = Comfort bumpers
3AM = Right exterior mirror: adjustable from inside, convex, with US print
3BW = Left exterior mirror: adjustable from inside, with special mirror surface (chromium instead of silver)
3D2 = Center console
3KA = Rear seat bench unsplit, backrest split folding
3L1 = Manual height adjustment for left front seat
3YB = Door pockets, front
8D4 = 4 speakers (passive)
After getting all of that checked out it was time to work on my list of things that need to be fixed and replaced. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be doing a LED light conversion on most of the car as well as going with either smoked or clear light covers.  Yes totally ricer but they do look better when done right.  I'm just not sure which way I'll go with it at the moment.  Also a bit ricer will be the 5 Panel Wink rear view mirror.  I have to replace the missing rear view mirror and since the price is the same about $20 might as well get the Wink.  More ricer stuff as I'm also planning on Sticker bombing it.  I will however not be adding a hipster roofrack.  infact I'm going to be making a sticker that says |n|o|r|o|o|f|r|a|c|k| anti-hipster just because.

Not only did I make a list of things to fix but I also made a lists of mods as well.  And while the LEDs and Wink mirror are part of it I'm also looking to do some other upgrades as well.  The rest of them are lightweight pulley, rokkor coilovers, rear disk brake upgrade, sport exhaust, Rota RB rims and of course tint the damn windows.  That's what I have planned for the car so far but we all know that can easily change.  It'll take a while to get a lot of the stuff done.  I hope to do a lot of the cheap things here and there with the bigger things happening during tax season and the first thing will be those coilovers.

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