Sunday, May 29, 2011

RAUH-Welt in Heavy Hitters Magazine

Ever since I say the blog post on Tokyo Drive Magazine about Heavy Hitters Magazine paying a visit to the famous shop of RAUH-Welt Begriff (RWB) to spend some time with Akira Nakai the founder of RWB and talk shop I've been waiting for the issue to hit the newstand and I found out this week that the issue was finally out.  Now just to track down a copy.

After a quick run down to Hastings (the only store that currently carries HH magazine where I live) I picked up my copy headed home cracked open a bottle of Stella and went straight to the article on RAUH-Welt.

First lets look at the pictures.  There are several full page spreads the first page you can see in the picture above.  There is another gorgeous B&W picture of the shop that also spans two pages.  Another features Nakai-san in front of his new pride and joy the Royal Montegobay 993R that is also joined by a bright red 964, the 930 Master Piece and a wide-body early white 911.  There is a couple more pages of these cars and a tiny little picture of my current favorite RWB car the white and red 964 ducktail car (why can't I get more pictures of THIS car!).  The last two page spread gives us more Royal Montegobay eye candy as it rolls down the street looking just badass.  But it doesn't end there nope.  We get a little Stella Artois goodness on the last page and another shot of Nakai-san in his shop. I have to say there are some really great shots in here and I wish there were more online.

And the writing is good too.  There can only be so many different ways to write about Nakai-san's history from his start tuning and drifting Toyota AE86's with Rough World to his eventual and shocking turn to wrenching on the mighty Porsche 911, but HH does a good job of it .  I wish there was something else besides the once again history lesson but hey you get what you get.  The quotes spread around the picture are nice though.  You'll have to pick up your own copy of Heavy Hitters issue #21 (where ever you can find it) to read the whole story for yourself.

Pictures -- A+ some damn stunning pictures
Story -- A-  it's good but it is the same story anyone who's followed RWB has already heard before.
Overall -- A must buy for any RAUH-Welt Begriff fan, period.

This is the fourth American published Magazine featuring an article on RAUH-Welt Begriff but there are more out there.  I've heard that there is still a couple more magazine articles out there yet to be published the only problem is they may not be for American mags which makes them harder to acquire and much more expensive.  And don't get me started on the older Japanese published magazines.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BoiseDrift Time Attack May 22, 2011

Oh Yeah Time Attack has hit Idaho thanks to BoiseDrift and the Magic Valley Speedway.  This last weekend BoiseDrift held a beta test Time Attack event as well as a drift practice session at the Magic Valley Speedway outside of Twinfalls, ID.  If you're a grassroots motorsports fan you more than likely have heard about what Time Attack is and just how big it has gotten in the last couple years. Now Idahoans have a chance to experience Time Attack first hand without having to travel long distances and spending several hundred dollars to do it.

Before this event to hit a track you would have to travel either have to drive 350 miles up to the Oregon Raceway Park or 375 miles to Miller Motorsports Park and then spend several hundred dollars for a track event and after you were done for the day stay at hotel more than likely before heading back home again.  With Magic Valley Speedway it's only 139 miles and if I remember right $50 for the event.  That is a good deal and the available spots for the event filled up fast.

Time AttackThe roommate signed up for the event and I decided it would be a great change of pace from autocross to head there and film and shot the event.  So early Sunday morning we packed up my photography gear in the roommate's RX8 and headed out to meetup with some other Time Attackers that were also heading down.

After a quick run down the freeway we had all arrived at the gates and hung out a little bit before the owner showed up to open the gates and let us in.  After that the drifters showed up as well and everyone was getting ready to race. We assembled for a short drivers meeting to discuss how things would run and off we set for some fun running around a 1/3 mile oval with infield area.  The track pretty much looked like a big fat C and the morning started off with three cars out at a time for 20 minute run sessions.

Mazda RX8 The roommate was the first one out and the first one to spin and go off track.  That got some big laughs and claps and thankfully everything was fine with the car it just collected a few pounds of dirt and gravel.  When we got home we noticed that the front lip was torn off on the passenger side and just barely hanging on and we don't know if it was from that or the damn road bumps on the way home.

After that everything for the Time Attackers went smoothly with no one else heading off track.  The same can't be said for the drifters but then again they were trying to slide around so going off track was just part of the experience for them.  While everyone was out hard charging it around the track I was running around taking pictures and video.  With the track layout and breaks in cars out on track I was free to move about and I had some of the best advantage places to take video from.

Drift BMW E30Between the Time Attack sessions the drifters took their turn and went out to practice drifting some were getting the hang of it by the looks of it while others will still working on getting it right.  By the end of the second session of Time Attack and drifting cars started breaking down  and with the Time Attack machines it was an odd site to see the roommate's RX8 being one of the healthier cars out there at the moment.  If you know anything about the roommate's RX8 you know that's a pretty impressive thing indeed.

After the Time Attack cars got in their timed runs for the day people started packing it up for the day and were getting ready to head home.  We meet up at a local Stinker station (complete with great advertisement) to do some last minute repairs on some of the cars before getting back on the long road home. While we did have to leave one of the Time Attack cars back in the Twin Falls area with a blown engine everyone did make it back home safe and sound.

Honda S200BoiseDrift is planning on scheduling a stand alone Time Attack event (no drifters) every month and if they do get the attendance that warrants that many events great but I really do think having an event every other month or third month even would be better for the area myself.  I do look forward to going out again and filming another Time Attack event though as I found it fun to shoot.  I would just like to thank BoiseDrift for putting on the event and a big thanks to the People at the Magic Valley Speedway for letting us use their track for the event.

You can find the photo set here on flickr -- BoiseDift Time Attack
The videos are up on my YouTube channel as well - Videos

Found the times for those Time Attack Cars that put in a timed run --
1. 29.847 - B. McGaha - 73.98 mph - C5 Z06 Corvette, race tires
2. 32.817 - C. Wold - 68.82 mph - Honda Civic Si, race tires
3. 32.955 - E. Stoltzfus - 64.79 mph - NA6C Miata, street tires
4. 33.171 - S. Neiwert - 66.17 mph - Mazda RX8, street tires
5. 33.997 - J. Allensworth - 65.36 mph - Ford V6 Mustang, street tires
6. 34.869 - B. Siefert - 67.03 mph - Mitsubishi Lancer EVO, street tires
7. 35.158 - T. Krah - 60.76 mph - sohc Honda Civic hatch

Here's an example of the videos

RAUH-Welt Charity Circuit Run

Go to Facebook and see a post from RAUH-Welt Begriff about their latest meeting and go into full drool mode looking at the sheer number of awesome RWB tuned Porsche 911s that showed up to the RWB Charity Circuit Run to raise money for the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief fund  to help those effected in the recent disaster that hit Japan earlier this year.

The great thing about these meetings (besides helping those in serious need at the moment) is that you get a good chance to check out some of the new and improved RWB Porsches that have been hitting the streets lately.  Looks like I need to be updating the owner's list with some new and updated entries from what I've seen in the gallery that RAUH-Welt posted on their site.  A gallery of 87 awesome pictures of all things RAUH-Welt which you can check out directly from here -- RWB Charity Circuit Run.

This was the first official outing of a car I've been waiting to see.  Ichiraku Toshi's latest RWB993R got a name and made it's debut at this event.  His new car is another Signal Green colored pile of epic awesomeness.  The third super widebodied 993R and one sporting the new sideskirt canards.  It's also sporting complete black SSR rims and the new name Rough Rhythm.  The second RWB993R super wide is a un-named matte black version. Discovered that it's name is Oba Bone (don't know if that's how it's written or if there isn't a space there).

Some other new cars that I noticed is another bright red 930 with the name Kingfisher that belongs to a 68 year-old gentleman.  I also noticed that the Black and Gold West Holly Wood car got a makeover and is now black with a few red accents on the banana wing end plates and the front fender canards.  I think it's looking good actually.

A few other changes that I've seen is there is an additional Tully's RWB this time an old school 911 ducktail in a darker beige color than the 964 (I believe that one is currently for sale at DP Challenge).  Also The RWB993R Royal Montegobay car is now sporting a Tunerhaus vinyl instead.

Not all of the RWB Porsches were there though. There were some notable absences like my current favorite ducktail 964 in white with red accent (ala 996 GT3 RS paint scheme) was missing in action and a good handful of the oldies but goodies were missing as well lik the UZI, Bordeaux, Deen-plo, Natty Dread cars as well as the Penthouse car.  I don't really mind that those cars weren't there (or just not photographed) as it was nice to see some more pictures of the newer cars for a change.  After looking at some of the pictures again I did spy the rear end of the 993 Bordeaux car in one of the pictures.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Project Jetta Part 5

Did some work on the Project Jetta this week.  And I may have come up with a name for the ol' beast.  Since it has that banged up lower bumper and lip it looks like it has a snaggle tooth so I've decided to call it Mr. Snagglesworth.  Well that or something cute I really haven't decided just yet but it will named after that snaggle tooth look it has going on.

I stopped in to Bow-Wow autoparts this week to check out some prices for somethings I need to pickup for the Jetta like a transmission filter kit since I checked the ATF fluid level and while the fluid level is fine the color was really dark which means it's both been well worn and the motor oil is mixing in as well.  Something I learned on the old Jetta that requires the ATF fluid to be changed out at least once a year or so to keep the transmission in tip top shape.  Since I was there I picked up some Bow-Wow dog stickers as well.

When I got home I removed that annoying remote starter part and discovered another floating around part that I believe is another part to the remote starter but before I remove that part I need to find out what exactly it is before I remove it.  For now though I tucked it away in a safe spot so that it was just flopping around inside the engine bay.

One of the first things I've wanted to do for the Jetta was to replace some of the easily replaceable parts that become worn out like the spark plugs, plug wires, belts and fluids.  While I can't replace it all at the same time I did replace the spark plugs this weekend and it's a good thing I did as they looked beat the hell up for sure.  The good thing was that they were all dry.  While I was messing around with the car I also tried to fix the trim piece that hangs under neath the steering column and the key ignition but I found out that it was only hanging in by one screw and that the clips were all broken so I decided to just take it off to remove an annoyance until I can either fix that part or get a new one.

With that done I was done for the day and retired to the house to suck down a good beer as a reward for the job well done.

Earlier in the week I was also did a few other little projects with the Jetta as well.  I fixed the broken windshield wiper fluid line by simply removing the broken part and reattaching the rest of the line.  It was pretty dang simple and I questioned why I didn't do that earlier.  I also removed the plastic hub caps from the rims and cleaned up the rims a bit removing the dirt and grim from them.  The rims look better now but need some serious work still.  I also downloaded the Haynes Manual for the car as well.  That saved me $25 bucks but I still may pick up a Bentley Manual as well.  And with that it's the end of another Project Jetta update.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS

Just when we thought that the 4.0 RS was the last of the 997 models to be released out comes another one and one that I honestly wasn't surprised to see.  With the Carrera GTS it was only inevitable that there would soon be an AWD version based on the Carrera 4 and sure enough about a week after the 4.0 RS was announced here comes the Carrera 4 GTS.  Porsche calls it Clarity, I call it "shouldn't they have done that earlier?"

The only question remains is... will this be the last 997 model?  Or will they magically pull another one out their hats before the next model comes out next year (I think it's scheduled for next year anyways).  I'm calling a C4 Black edition right at the end or maybe in a week or two.  The funny thing is that I just redid my Porsche 911 gif and now I get to redo it yet again to add the C4 GTS now.

But why the hell did they have to release the car in what I believe to be a crappy color for the coupe model.  They should have reversed the colors in the release.  Blue for the coupe, Yellow for the cabriolet but oh well lets get on with the good stuff.  I did find out that  they have a blue coupe on their micro site for the Carrera 4 GTS so why couldn't they use it in their release pictures.  You know what scratch all that I found some more pictures of the car in lovely Silver.... oh yeah.

Basically Porsche took all the GTS bits and added it to a Carrera 4.  There isn't any improvements power wise over the rear wheel drive only Carrera GTS but the added traction of AWD improves stability, quickness and all around handling in all road conditions and of the two it's the one I'd pick.  Of course that's because I like the wider hips of the Carrera 4 and of course AWD is the bomb.  Would have to magically add the Sport Classic's ducktail to it though.

If you want all the nitty gritty goods on the information I would suggest reading their official Press Release for all the facts and figures of the Carrera 4 GTS. With this the total number of all 997 variants comes in at a whooping total of 28 different 997 versions (not including race prepped versions...tack on an additional 5 versions for that).

For more pictures of the new Carrera 4 GTS check them out here -- Topspeed

Check out Porsche's official video release for the Carrera 4 GTS

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Autocross: May 8, 2011

Yes that's right there was an Autocross event on Mother's Day and of course Mother Nature had something to say about us racing on Sunday by opening up the skies and letting it rain like crazy.  It was pretty nice on Saturday after a morning sprinkle but Sunday was something else and I was not prepared for it and wussed out and went home after the morning session when of course it finally let up and dried out.  By that time I was too wet, cold and miserable it didn't matter but I did come go home with some pictures and videos.

You can find the assorted pictures and videos at the following places:
Pictures -- Autocross May 8, 2011 flickr set
Videos -- YouTube Channel

BMW 318iOf course since I did only stay for the very wet and windy morning session there are not that many pictures or videos this time around.  Not that there was a whole lot of people out at this event anyways.  With the really crappy weather many of the regulars who hadn't prepaid didn't show up.  Then there was the whole Mother's Day thing too.  That precluded some regular drivers from showing up as well since they didn't want to be sleeping in the garage with their cars for the following week.

One of the good things is that my roommate's luck seems to be changing for the better and his Mazda RX8 was out there for the second day in a row racing.  Although thanks to the rain his morning was mostly frustration from timing issues which is still plaguing the group like an evil red headed stepchild.  A lot of it is due to the cords getting wet so by the time it tried out timing was working better from what I heard.

Mazdaspeed3Two of the lighter moments about this event is that due to the small turn out and the high number of Mazda cars that showed up it it really did look more like a Mazda meetup than a regular autocross event.  And since it was the first time that I've driven the Jetta to an event I was promptly asked if I was going to race it.  And I have to say compared to the Lumina if I got the Jetta fixed up I more than likely might just have to.  Granted it would be seriously slow though.

The next event (that I will going to) for the SRRSCCA is on June 5, 2011 and cross your fingers that Mother Niature has forgiven us and let the sun shine with a nice cool mild breeze to keep us cool.  We'll also be out at the Dealers Auto Auction site again.  And after that I may be done for a while it looks like.

Don't forget if you want to pick up some of your older videos that are no longer on YouTube to upload to your own channel check out the Buy Now page.

I'll just leave you with this video.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Project Jetta Part 4

Here we are again so soon with another Project Jetta update.  And this is one of the important updates as with this update I have installed the all important Wink 5 panel rearview mirror.  When I purchased the Jetta it did not have a rearview mirror and as that is something that you can get pulled over and ticketed for it was important to get that installed ASAP.

Ordered it from the internet off of eBay (you can find them all over the place) and it was here in no time.  The installation was pretty easy and was done in no time at all.  Added a couple Rockstar Stickers as that's all I really had that still looked cool for now.  I'll probably buy one of those sticker bomb books and do the mirror up in style.

Project JettaI also added an IMS sticker to the rear glass as well as a DSPORT sticker as well.  And While I know DSPORT is all about Japanese cars a lot of what they have to say can be easily adapted to work on the VW as well and as there are no really good VW magazines I'll be sticking with DSPORT for some time.

I'm always looking for more cool stickers to add and I'm really hoping Circuit Soul gets their shop online soon so I can get some of their stuff as well to represent them.  It'd rep a RWB sticker but then I'd really want to dump the Jetta, add some big ol' fatty tires and paint it matte black so I probably wont be doing that.  I've already mentioned the one sticker that I want to make and I've been thinking about it more and more.

Next up on the project list is an inexpensive stereo with a USB input so that I can listen to my jpop and anime soundtracks without burning CDs.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Project Jetta Part 3

It has been a busy week for the Project Jetta.  Actually completed a few little things in the last couple weeks on the Project Jetta.  The most notable and so far most expensive thing was that I finally replaced the windshield on the Jetta.  With the windshield replaced that means the car is ready to hit the streets.  But first we must get the car titled and Registered which is also what I did this week.

Before that though lets rewind it to last week some time when I finished another project that needed to be addressed.  One of the first projects that I knew I was going to have to address was the battery cables.  The Negative battery wire was simply toast and needed to be replaced ASAP and I purchased a new cable from Wally world along with a positive battery terminal which needed to be replaced as well.  With that little project done the car started up right away and it looks just a little bit better.

Project JettaNow then back to this week and a lot of running around.  Decided this weekend that I was going to need to step up my game since we were getting another roommate and I needed to get rid of the Lumina and get the Jetta up and running.  Listed the Lumina on craigslist on Saturday and had it sold by Sunday afternoon.  Damn I really wasn't expecting it to happen that fast and it left me without a vehicle for a couple days.  With the money I went in and got the car titled and made arrangements to have the windshield replaced this morning.

It didn't take the guy very long at all to show up and replace the windshield and I was a very happy camper to finally have a car with a crack free windshield.  It's the first car that I've owned with a crack free windshield and it looked good.  Now I just need to wash all the other windows to make them look as good.

I also transferred my insurance over to the Jetta as well today so now the Jetta is out on the open road and the projects will be coming fast and furious now.  To see all the photos that I've taken so far for Project Jetta including the horrid old battery cables you can check out the flickr set -- PROJECT JETTA.

Next up is getting a Wink 5 panel mirror and sticker bombing the hell out of it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 Super GT Rd 2 Fuji GT 400km

Finally!  I'm sure I haven't been the only one looking forward to the start of 2011 Autobacs Super GT season this year.  It has taken us an extra month to see our first race of the year because of the damages that the Great East Japan Earthquake inflicted upon all of Japan.  Because of this all of the Race events this year will be run under the banner "Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Aid Event" and will have charity and donation events held at each race. The first scheduled event was postponed and rescheduled for later this month so the first event is the second event.  Yeah it's confusing but that is Japan for you.

So now we have our first race of the season and mother nature sure is a pain.  While qualifying was held under cloudy skies those same skies opened up on race day with some heavy rain.  So heavy that the already shortened race (in order to help conserve energy) was cut even shorter when race officials red flagged the race and called it finished.  Not a great way to start the year but it did offer some surprising racing while the cars were out racing in the rain.  This year I haven't seen a long recap of the race and I only have snippets here and there.

GT500 Winner -- Motul Autech Nissan GT-R
With the rain came the safety car which lead the first five rounds of the race until it sent the cars racing in the sixth lap.  It wasn't soon after that a car ended up off track and the first was the new comer to GT500 the S Road Mola GT-R.  Because of the heavy rain tire choice made the biggest difference in the race cars and the one race car that seemed to have made the right choice out of the box was the Motul Autech GT-R who was able to make a come from behind comeback and jump from 8th position to take the lead before the first driver change.

Finishing out the GT500 podium was The Eneos SC430 in second and a great showing for another newcomer to the GT500 class is the third place finish for the WedsSport SC430 who was another team that picked the right times for the rainy day race.

GT300 Winner -- Porsche 911 GT3R Hankook KTR
For the GT300 class it was a bit more of a run away win for the pole sitting Hankook KTR machine who went from start to finish in first place.  However it wasn't a very good race for second and third place who both suffered race ending collisions the Pacific NAC collided with a GT500 machine and the Vantage GT2 machine of A speed decided mow some grass and met a tire wall in the process.  The Subaru Legacy also suffered an engine failure as well.

Add in the heavier rain later in the race that caused many a spin off the final podium of GT300 class finished with the Jim Gainer F458GTC in second place and another Porsche in third place.  The Zent Porsche 911 GT3 RSR came in third after the hard fought battle came to a halt with the red flag on lap 60 of 66.

With the rain cancelled race finished it was a messy end to the start of new Super GT race season and I've been scouring YouTube for videos and have some interestings that should be taken a look at. Also don't forget a whole new batch of Race Queens in new outfits to ogle as well.

You can find some race coverage pictures at Car@Nifty and you can read the full details of the race on the English page of

In the mean time you can check out these awesome videos I've found.

SuperGT.nets short recap video

Motul Autech's feed

Found this there are four parts to check out

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0

Before the latest iteration of the 911 GT3 goes out to pasture Porsche is pumping out another very limited production model called the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0. Badged as the RS 4.0 this new car offers a new 4.0L engine that makes this the most powerful production GT3 RS with a stagering 500bhp NA engine. That actually gives this GT3 more power than it's racing counter part. Porsche proclaims this to be the most race inspired Road Legal car they currently offer and there will only be 600 on offer.

Besides the extra large lump in the trunk Porsche has added more refinements, additional aero bits and changed up a lot of additional parts to make this perhaps the best and last new 997 model that will be enjoyed by only 600 lucky owners.

The engine is pulled directly from the GT3 RSR and comes with forged pistons, titanium connecting rods and a crankshaft pulled directly from its track-bred descendant.  With the race engine bored out to 4L it gives life to an engine with 500bhp, a redline of 8 and a quarter with a peak 339 lbs of torque at 5750rpm.  That's a screaming engine pushing the RS 4.0 to 60mph in 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 193mph.  There are faster Porsche 911 cars but they need Turbos to do it.  This is all Naturally Aspirated goodness.  All that power is delivered to the ground by way of the rear wheels and a 6 speed manual, the ONLY available transmission for this car.  No flappy paddles or extra weight here.

Other weight reduction measures were taken to reduce the weight of the RS 4.0 to a slim 2998lbs wet.  They tossed carbon fiber at this car thing like it was going out of style. The RS 4.0 is equipped with lightweight components such as light but strong carbon fiber sport bucket seats, carbon fiber front fenders and luggage compartment lid, and weight-optimized carpets.

It's not just the engine and light weight parts that make this RS 4.0 special.  Porsche are offering the car in standard Carrara White to show of the vehicles low wide stance.  It also shows off the center mount twin tailpipes, large rear wing with side plates and aerodynamically optimized body. For the first time ever Porsche also added air deflection vanes, referred to as "flics" or dive planes by Porsche, mounted low on the front bumper. In addition to the rear wing at top speed it creates an additional 426 lbs of downforce sticking the RS 4.0 to the ground.

If you are one of the lucky 600 owners you can pick this RS 4.0 for a price tag of $185,000 without any options or extra charges, and it will be available this summer.

Check out Porsche official press release here -- Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 where you can find additional images of the car as well.

Check out Porsche's new video of the Car from their YouTube channel
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