Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 Super GT Rd 2 Fuji GT 400km

Finally!  I'm sure I haven't been the only one looking forward to the start of 2011 Autobacs Super GT season this year.  It has taken us an extra month to see our first race of the year because of the damages that the Great East Japan Earthquake inflicted upon all of Japan.  Because of this all of the Race events this year will be run under the banner "Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Aid Event" and will have charity and donation events held at each race. The first scheduled event was postponed and rescheduled for later this month so the first event is the second event.  Yeah it's confusing but that is Japan for you.

So now we have our first race of the season and mother nature sure is a pain.  While qualifying was held under cloudy skies those same skies opened up on race day with some heavy rain.  So heavy that the already shortened race (in order to help conserve energy) was cut even shorter when race officials red flagged the race and called it finished.  Not a great way to start the year but it did offer some surprising racing while the cars were out racing in the rain.  This year I haven't seen a long recap of the race and I only have snippets here and there.

GT500 Winner -- Motul Autech Nissan GT-R
With the rain came the safety car which lead the first five rounds of the race until it sent the cars racing in the sixth lap.  It wasn't soon after that a car ended up off track and the first was the new comer to GT500 the S Road Mola GT-R.  Because of the heavy rain tire choice made the biggest difference in the race cars and the one race car that seemed to have made the right choice out of the box was the Motul Autech GT-R who was able to make a come from behind comeback and jump from 8th position to take the lead before the first driver change.

Finishing out the GT500 podium was The Eneos SC430 in second and a great showing for another newcomer to the GT500 class is the third place finish for the WedsSport SC430 who was another team that picked the right times for the rainy day race.

GT300 Winner -- Porsche 911 GT3R Hankook KTR
For the GT300 class it was a bit more of a run away win for the pole sitting Hankook KTR machine who went from start to finish in first place.  However it wasn't a very good race for second and third place who both suffered race ending collisions the Pacific NAC collided with a GT500 machine and the Vantage GT2 machine of A speed decided mow some grass and met a tire wall in the process.  The Subaru Legacy also suffered an engine failure as well.

Add in the heavier rain later in the race that caused many a spin off the final podium of GT300 class finished with the Jim Gainer F458GTC in second place and another Porsche in third place.  The Zent Porsche 911 GT3 RSR came in third after the hard fought battle came to a halt with the red flag on lap 60 of 66.

With the rain cancelled race finished it was a messy end to the start of new Super GT race season and I've been scouring YouTube for videos and have some interestings that should be taken a look at. Also don't forget a whole new batch of Race Queens in new outfits to ogle as well.

You can find some race coverage pictures at Car@Nifty and you can read the full details of the race on the English page of

In the mean time you can check out these awesome videos I've found.

SuperGT.nets short recap video

Motul Autech's feed

Found this there are four parts to check out

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