Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Autocross: May 8, 2011

Yes that's right there was an Autocross event on Mother's Day and of course Mother Nature had something to say about us racing on Sunday by opening up the skies and letting it rain like crazy.  It was pretty nice on Saturday after a morning sprinkle but Sunday was something else and I was not prepared for it and wussed out and went home after the morning session when of course it finally let up and dried out.  By that time I was too wet, cold and miserable it didn't matter but I did come go home with some pictures and videos.

You can find the assorted pictures and videos at the following places:
Pictures -- Autocross May 8, 2011 flickr set
Videos -- YouTube Channel

BMW 318iOf course since I did only stay for the very wet and windy morning session there are not that many pictures or videos this time around.  Not that there was a whole lot of people out at this event anyways.  With the really crappy weather many of the regulars who hadn't prepaid didn't show up.  Then there was the whole Mother's Day thing too.  That precluded some regular drivers from showing up as well since they didn't want to be sleeping in the garage with their cars for the following week.

One of the good things is that my roommate's luck seems to be changing for the better and his Mazda RX8 was out there for the second day in a row racing.  Although thanks to the rain his morning was mostly frustration from timing issues which is still plaguing the group like an evil red headed stepchild.  A lot of it is due to the cords getting wet so by the time it tried out timing was working better from what I heard.

Mazdaspeed3Two of the lighter moments about this event is that due to the small turn out and the high number of Mazda cars that showed up it it really did look more like a Mazda meetup than a regular autocross event.  And since it was the first time that I've driven the Jetta to an event I was promptly asked if I was going to race it.  And I have to say compared to the Lumina if I got the Jetta fixed up I more than likely might just have to.  Granted it would be seriously slow though.

The next event (that I will going to) for the SRRSCCA is on June 5, 2011 and cross your fingers that Mother Niature has forgiven us and let the sun shine with a nice cool mild breeze to keep us cool.  We'll also be out at the Dealers Auto Auction site again.  And after that I may be done for a while it looks like.

Don't forget if you want to pick up some of your older videos that are no longer on YouTube to upload to your own channel check out the Buy Now page.

I'll just leave you with this video.

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