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BoiseDrift Time Attack May 22, 2011

Oh Yeah Time Attack has hit Idaho thanks to BoiseDrift and the Magic Valley Speedway.  This last weekend BoiseDrift held a beta test Time Attack event as well as a drift practice session at the Magic Valley Speedway outside of Twinfalls, ID.  If you're a grassroots motorsports fan you more than likely have heard about what Time Attack is and just how big it has gotten in the last couple years. Now Idahoans have a chance to experience Time Attack first hand without having to travel long distances and spending several hundred dollars to do it.

Before this event to hit a track you would have to travel either have to drive 350 miles up to the Oregon Raceway Park or 375 miles to Miller Motorsports Park and then spend several hundred dollars for a track event and after you were done for the day stay at hotel more than likely before heading back home again.  With Magic Valley Speedway it's only 139 miles and if I remember right $50 for the event.  That is a good deal and the available spots for the event filled up fast.

Time AttackThe roommate signed up for the event and I decided it would be a great change of pace from autocross to head there and film and shot the event.  So early Sunday morning we packed up my photography gear in the roommate's RX8 and headed out to meetup with some other Time Attackers that were also heading down.

After a quick run down the freeway we had all arrived at the gates and hung out a little bit before the owner showed up to open the gates and let us in.  After that the drifters showed up as well and everyone was getting ready to race. We assembled for a short drivers meeting to discuss how things would run and off we set for some fun running around a 1/3 mile oval with infield area.  The track pretty much looked like a big fat C and the morning started off with three cars out at a time for 20 minute run sessions.

Mazda RX8 The roommate was the first one out and the first one to spin and go off track.  That got some big laughs and claps and thankfully everything was fine with the car it just collected a few pounds of dirt and gravel.  When we got home we noticed that the front lip was torn off on the passenger side and just barely hanging on and we don't know if it was from that or the damn road bumps on the way home.

After that everything for the Time Attackers went smoothly with no one else heading off track.  The same can't be said for the drifters but then again they were trying to slide around so going off track was just part of the experience for them.  While everyone was out hard charging it around the track I was running around taking pictures and video.  With the track layout and breaks in cars out on track I was free to move about and I had some of the best advantage places to take video from.

Drift BMW E30Between the Time Attack sessions the drifters took their turn and went out to practice drifting some were getting the hang of it by the looks of it while others will still working on getting it right.  By the end of the second session of Time Attack and drifting cars started breaking down  and with the Time Attack machines it was an odd site to see the roommate's RX8 being one of the healthier cars out there at the moment.  If you know anything about the roommate's RX8 you know that's a pretty impressive thing indeed.

After the Time Attack cars got in their timed runs for the day people started packing it up for the day and were getting ready to head home.  We meet up at a local Stinker station (complete with great advertisement) to do some last minute repairs on some of the cars before getting back on the long road home. While we did have to leave one of the Time Attack cars back in the Twin Falls area with a blown engine everyone did make it back home safe and sound.

Honda S200BoiseDrift is planning on scheduling a stand alone Time Attack event (no drifters) every month and if they do get the attendance that warrants that many events great but I really do think having an event every other month or third month even would be better for the area myself.  I do look forward to going out again and filming another Time Attack event though as I found it fun to shoot.  I would just like to thank BoiseDrift for putting on the event and a big thanks to the People at the Magic Valley Speedway for letting us use their track for the event.

You can find the photo set here on flickr -- BoiseDift Time Attack
The videos are up on my YouTube channel as well - Videos

Found the times for those Time Attack Cars that put in a timed run --
1. 29.847 - B. McGaha - 73.98 mph - C5 Z06 Corvette, race tires
2. 32.817 - C. Wold - 68.82 mph - Honda Civic Si, race tires
3. 32.955 - E. Stoltzfus - 64.79 mph - NA6C Miata, street tires
4. 33.171 - S. Neiwert - 66.17 mph - Mazda RX8, street tires
5. 33.997 - J. Allensworth - 65.36 mph - Ford V6 Mustang, street tires
6. 34.869 - B. Siefert - 67.03 mph - Mitsubishi Lancer EVO, street tires
7. 35.158 - T. Krah - 60.76 mph - sohc Honda Civic hatch

Here's an example of the videos

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