Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Project Jetta Part 3

It has been a busy week for the Project Jetta.  Actually completed a few little things in the last couple weeks on the Project Jetta.  The most notable and so far most expensive thing was that I finally replaced the windshield on the Jetta.  With the windshield replaced that means the car is ready to hit the streets.  But first we must get the car titled and Registered which is also what I did this week.

Before that though lets rewind it to last week some time when I finished another project that needed to be addressed.  One of the first projects that I knew I was going to have to address was the battery cables.  The Negative battery wire was simply toast and needed to be replaced ASAP and I purchased a new cable from Wally world along with a positive battery terminal which needed to be replaced as well.  With that little project done the car started up right away and it looks just a little bit better.

Project JettaNow then back to this week and a lot of running around.  Decided this weekend that I was going to need to step up my game since we were getting another roommate and I needed to get rid of the Lumina and get the Jetta up and running.  Listed the Lumina on craigslist on Saturday and had it sold by Sunday afternoon.  Damn I really wasn't expecting it to happen that fast and it left me without a vehicle for a couple days.  With the money I went in and got the car titled and made arrangements to have the windshield replaced this morning.

It didn't take the guy very long at all to show up and replace the windshield and I was a very happy camper to finally have a car with a crack free windshield.  It's the first car that I've owned with a crack free windshield and it looked good.  Now I just need to wash all the other windows to make them look as good.

I also transferred my insurance over to the Jetta as well today so now the Jetta is out on the open road and the projects will be coming fast and furious now.  To see all the photos that I've taken so far for Project Jetta including the horrid old battery cables you can check out the flickr set -- PROJECT JETTA.

Next up is getting a Wink 5 panel mirror and sticker bombing the hell out of it.

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