Monday, May 9, 2011

Project Jetta Part 4

Here we are again so soon with another Project Jetta update.  And this is one of the important updates as with this update I have installed the all important Wink 5 panel rearview mirror.  When I purchased the Jetta it did not have a rearview mirror and as that is something that you can get pulled over and ticketed for it was important to get that installed ASAP.

Ordered it from the internet off of eBay (you can find them all over the place) and it was here in no time.  The installation was pretty easy and was done in no time at all.  Added a couple Rockstar Stickers as that's all I really had that still looked cool for now.  I'll probably buy one of those sticker bomb books and do the mirror up in style.

Project JettaI also added an IMS sticker to the rear glass as well as a DSPORT sticker as well.  And While I know DSPORT is all about Japanese cars a lot of what they have to say can be easily adapted to work on the VW as well and as there are no really good VW magazines I'll be sticking with DSPORT for some time.

I'm always looking for more cool stickers to add and I'm really hoping Circuit Soul gets their shop online soon so I can get some of their stuff as well to represent them.  It'd rep a RWB sticker but then I'd really want to dump the Jetta, add some big ol' fatty tires and paint it matte black so I probably wont be doing that.  I've already mentioned the one sticker that I want to make and I've been thinking about it more and more.

Next up on the project list is an inexpensive stereo with a USB input so that I can listen to my jpop and anime soundtracks without burning CDs.

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