Monday, May 23, 2011

Project Jetta Part 5

Did some work on the Project Jetta this week.  And I may have come up with a name for the ol' beast.  Since it has that banged up lower bumper and lip it looks like it has a snaggle tooth so I've decided to call it Mr. Snagglesworth.  Well that or something cute I really haven't decided just yet but it will named after that snaggle tooth look it has going on.

I stopped in to Bow-Wow autoparts this week to check out some prices for somethings I need to pickup for the Jetta like a transmission filter kit since I checked the ATF fluid level and while the fluid level is fine the color was really dark which means it's both been well worn and the motor oil is mixing in as well.  Something I learned on the old Jetta that requires the ATF fluid to be changed out at least once a year or so to keep the transmission in tip top shape.  Since I was there I picked up some Bow-Wow dog stickers as well.

When I got home I removed that annoying remote starter part and discovered another floating around part that I believe is another part to the remote starter but before I remove that part I need to find out what exactly it is before I remove it.  For now though I tucked it away in a safe spot so that it was just flopping around inside the engine bay.

One of the first things I've wanted to do for the Jetta was to replace some of the easily replaceable parts that become worn out like the spark plugs, plug wires, belts and fluids.  While I can't replace it all at the same time I did replace the spark plugs this weekend and it's a good thing I did as they looked beat the hell up for sure.  The good thing was that they were all dry.  While I was messing around with the car I also tried to fix the trim piece that hangs under neath the steering column and the key ignition but I found out that it was only hanging in by one screw and that the clips were all broken so I decided to just take it off to remove an annoyance until I can either fix that part or get a new one.

With that done I was done for the day and retired to the house to suck down a good beer as a reward for the job well done.

Earlier in the week I was also did a few other little projects with the Jetta as well.  I fixed the broken windshield wiper fluid line by simply removing the broken part and reattaching the rest of the line.  It was pretty dang simple and I questioned why I didn't do that earlier.  I also removed the plastic hub caps from the rims and cleaned up the rims a bit removing the dirt and grim from them.  The rims look better now but need some serious work still.  I also downloaded the Haynes Manual for the car as well.  That saved me $25 bucks but I still may pick up a Bentley Manual as well.  And with that it's the end of another Project Jetta update.

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