Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RAUH-Welt Charity Circuit Run

Go to Facebook and see a post from RAUH-Welt Begriff about their latest meeting and go into full drool mode looking at the sheer number of awesome RWB tuned Porsche 911s that showed up to the RWB Charity Circuit Run to raise money for the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief fund  to help those effected in the recent disaster that hit Japan earlier this year.

The great thing about these meetings (besides helping those in serious need at the moment) is that you get a good chance to check out some of the new and improved RWB Porsches that have been hitting the streets lately.  Looks like I need to be updating the owner's list with some new and updated entries from what I've seen in the gallery that RAUH-Welt posted on their site.  A gallery of 87 awesome pictures of all things RAUH-Welt which you can check out directly from here -- RWB Charity Circuit Run.

This was the first official outing of a car I've been waiting to see.  Ichiraku Toshi's latest RWB993R got a name and made it's debut at this event.  His new car is another Signal Green colored pile of epic awesomeness.  The third super widebodied 993R and one sporting the new sideskirt canards.  It's also sporting complete black SSR rims and the new name Rough Rhythm.  The second RWB993R super wide is a un-named matte black version. Discovered that it's name is Oba Bone (don't know if that's how it's written or if there isn't a space there).

Some other new cars that I noticed is another bright red 930 with the name Kingfisher that belongs to a 68 year-old gentleman.  I also noticed that the Black and Gold West Holly Wood car got a makeover and is now black with a few red accents on the banana wing end plates and the front fender canards.  I think it's looking good actually.

A few other changes that I've seen is there is an additional Tully's RWB this time an old school 911 ducktail in a darker beige color than the 964 (I believe that one is currently for sale at DP Challenge).  Also The RWB993R Royal Montegobay car is now sporting a Tunerhaus vinyl instead.

Not all of the RWB Porsches were there though. There were some notable absences like my current favorite ducktail 964 in white with red accent (ala 996 GT3 RS paint scheme) was missing in action and a good handful of the oldies but goodies were missing as well lik the UZI, Bordeaux, Deen-plo, Natty Dread cars as well as the Penthouse car.  I don't really mind that those cars weren't there (or just not photographed) as it was nice to see some more pictures of the newer cars for a change.  After looking at some of the pictures again I did spy the rear end of the 993 Bordeaux car in one of the pictures.

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